Thursday, January 26, 2012

first trial

it's close to midnight now
about half an hour ago,
i did something for the first time in my life....
making pancakes!!!

cooking is never something i can handle
i am extremely clumsy around in the kitchen

but the pancake making experience just now
boosted my confidence level from a negative 100 to negative 50.....
(still a long way to go until a positive number!)

at least they look like pancakes!

why make pancakes?
the other day i was shopping in the grocery shop for little bb
thinking of what to get him as breakfast,
i came across the pancake mix.
i read the instructions which look like something i could handle...
so i gave it a shot...  

today after work,
i rushed to the 10 dollars shop (well no longer 10 dollars anymore... it's the 12 dollars shop now)
to get the shape cutters...
little bb loves stars...
so i got him a couple of stars, plus a set of hearts and triangles...

after putting him to sleep,
i started messing around the kitchen....

i am glad i didn't burn down the kitchen
and the pancakes looked and tasted alright

i hope little bb will like them

if i didn't have to go to work tomorrow,
i would prefer to give him freshly made pancakes....
but i do need to work tomorrow,
so i guess reheating them in the toaster tomorrow is alright....

i wonder if he can tell they are stars
(but not the hearts yet as we haven't taught him yet ^_^
i do want him to learn how to love!)

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