Thursday, January 5, 2012

christmas stays

after almost a week,
little bb seems to have recovered.
the rashes on his little body are mostly gone
and his appetite is coming back.

i am so relieved and glad to see him being his usual self again,
seeing him being nosy, walking around, babbling make me feel over the top.

with him up and running again,
i feel like the rest of the things are all back on track.
and that i can focus on work and other things at home.

i started packing away the christmas decorations
with utmost unwillingness!
hmmm....  though the christmas tree refused to take its long break.
it insists on keeping us (especially little bb) company....
and it says i still need to practice some more on taking photos with the bokeh effect which only it can provide!
okok, so it stays.....

i suggested to somotu that since chinese new year is coming up,
perhaps we can decorate the christmas tree with mandarin oranges and turn it into a chinese mandarin orange tree.
i think it is a great idea!!!!!  though somotu thinks i am crazy....

will see how much longer the tree can stay in the living room....

i really hate to say "see you next winter" to christmas....

i love christmas....

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