Tuesday, January 17, 2012

bye bye 2011 christmas

2011 christmas is officially over for us, reluctantly....
as we have finally waved goodbye to our christmas tree and decorations.

last friday night,
with the help of little bb,
we packed away the christmas tree.

little bb contributed to putting the silver ball balls into the storage bag one by one.
we assigned this task to him as we know he would love it!
he loves the silver ball balls!

one by one,
he carefully placed them into the storage bag....
sometimes he would pause, wanting to take them all out again...
we had to keep repeating "put the balls balls into the bag"
and sometimes he would make sounds like "awwwwwww"
as if he has summoned all his strength to put the ball into the bag...

watching him being very busy is very .....
i can't think of a single word to describe the following combined together:
heart-warming + funny + cute + happy + blessed

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