Thursday, January 12, 2012

back..... forth..... NOW

while chatting with my colleague this morning
i suddenly realize that i will reach a milestone in terms of age by the end of this year
i fired an email to my friends who will be reaching the same milestone this year
this number was so distance to me only yesterday

met them for lunch
and one asked whether by reaching this number would change our attitude towards life

then it all came
to me that
i was the one who swore to never get married and never have children

i am the only one in the group who had done both

what lies ahead?
who knows?

perhaps it's best to just focus on NOW

little bb is fast asleep after a joyful day
i am sitting in my zakka room
listening to one of my favorite albums
enjoying some quiet moments to myself


joanna said...

i somehow did an interview with a magazine when i was working in fashion and i was 20+ then. in the interview, i said foremost was my job and lastly marriage or even kids! reading that magazine again makes me feel like that was not me at all...

it's ok, kai are always as beautiful, young and "childish" in the good sense of course! =)

aileen ♥ motu said...

oh you too!!!! ^_^

indeed.... the old me is a stranger to me now.... people change... and time changes people......

let's stay young at heart forever!!!

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