Tuesday, January 31, 2012

the bread monster cannot make bread

i am a bread monster

i can have bread for breakfast, lunch, tea, dinner and snacks forever....
i love all types of bread
plain, wheat, rye, pumpernickel, corn, cheese, onion, sweet, sour.....

i think it is in my blood
my mom tells me all the time that her craving during her pregnancy was..... BREAD

so finally
i got a bread making machine from dear friends for my last birthday.
which is terrific because i was planning to get one myself.
the ones from bakeries are actually not as healthy as we would like them to be...
they are high in fat, sodium, sugar, chemicals....
(ok, i think it is actually not that bad as i am still alive after all these years)
but more importantly,
this thing about bread has passed onto to little bb.
he loves bread.

so last weekend,
i finally gave it a try.....


something went wrong....
the bread came out to be too hard and salty.......

i am trying to make it look nice in here....

... even little bb is not interested in the bread...
he is more interested in the hole of they tray rather than the bread mommy made...

but i shall not give up,
will try again soon...

i seriously suspect that it has something to do with the flour i used 

Monday, January 30, 2012

an interview with a little person

* I = interviewer
* LBB = little bb

I:  who is your favorite person?
LBB:  baa baa baa baa

I: oh i see, what about your mommy?
LBB: baa baa baa baa

I: do you have any siblings?
LBB:  braunnn braunnn, ga gaaaaa

I: what is your favorite fruit?
LBB: buuuuu buuuuu buu

I: what is your favorite thing?
LBB: balllllllllll

I: what is your favorite toy?
LBB: garrrrr garrrrr

I: what is your must do as soon as you wake up?
LBB: boooo boooo boooo

I: what is your favorite activity?
LBB: *point towards the computer screen* 


deciphered by LBB's mommy:

I:  who is your favorite person?
LBB:  baa baa baa baa
Mommy: that's his daddy.....  daddy is his favorite person because daddy let him do all the things that mommy doesn't allow him to do, like watching TV, drinking lemon tea, eating ice-lollipop, the list goes on and on and on

I: oh i see, what about your mommy?
LBB: baa baa baa baa
Mommy: *sigh* there is no mommy in LBB's world

I: do you have any siblings?
LBB:  braunnn braunnn, ga gaaaaa
Mommy: brownie and sugar.  he loves playing fetch with brownie and brownie likes playing with him.  though i am not sure about sugar.  i am not sure if sugar sees little bb as her little brother..... as sugar is quite scared of this little monster who will grab her from the back suddenly.

I: what is your favorite fruit?
LBB: buuuuu buuuuu buu
Mommy: blueberry...... he has this "skill" of having many many many blueberries in his little mouth at one time.

I: what is your favorite thing?
LBB: balllllllllll
Mommy: ball or anything round in shape.  a ball is a ball, a button is a ball, the sun is a ball.....

I: what is your favorite toy?
LBB: garrrrr garrrrr
Mommy: car

I: what is your must do as soon as you wake up?
LBB: boooo boooo boooo
Mommy: "reading" his good morning book, messing around with the pages!

I: what is your favorite activity?
LBB: *point towards the computer screen* 
Mommy: *shaking her head* he loves watching BabyTV on youtube... his favorite song is twinkle twinkle little star....  every time his daddy turns on the computer, he has a big grin on his face as soon as he sees the logo appears on the screen.....   but i am limiting this "favorite activity" to once a week... probably that's why there is no mommy in his world!

Sunday, January 29, 2012


today is the most laid back sunday i could recall in the recent months
i was actually able to nap for almost an hour in the late afternoon!
napping is something i don't do....
as i feel like it is wasteful...  not productive...

but i was just too tired today

after the nap,
i gave manicure and pedicure to brownie and sugar,
followed by a quick trimming of their bangs....
finished off with brushing of their fur...

tidied up the house a bit
finished off the blanket i made for little bb

and even gave my nails a new color!

not bad at all....
so even by slipping in a nap,
i was able to do the things i have planned for the day....
maybe i should nap more ^_^

Saturday, January 28, 2012

his song


little bb's favorite song.......

Friday, January 27, 2012

Thursday, January 26, 2012

first trial

it's close to midnight now
about half an hour ago,
i did something for the first time in my life....
making pancakes!!!

cooking is never something i can handle
i am extremely clumsy around in the kitchen

but the pancake making experience just now
boosted my confidence level from a negative 100 to negative 50.....
(still a long way to go until a positive number!)

at least they look like pancakes!

why make pancakes?
the other day i was shopping in the grocery shop for little bb
thinking of what to get him as breakfast,
i came across the pancake mix.
i read the instructions which look like something i could handle...
so i gave it a shot...  

today after work,
i rushed to the 10 dollars shop (well no longer 10 dollars anymore... it's the 12 dollars shop now)
to get the shape cutters...
little bb loves stars...
so i got him a couple of stars, plus a set of hearts and triangles...

after putting him to sleep,
i started messing around the kitchen....

i am glad i didn't burn down the kitchen
and the pancakes looked and tasted alright

i hope little bb will like them

if i didn't have to go to work tomorrow,
i would prefer to give him freshly made pancakes....
but i do need to work tomorrow,
so i guess reheating them in the toaster tomorrow is alright....

i wonder if he can tell they are stars
(but not the hearts yet as we haven't taught him yet ^_^
i do want him to learn how to love!)

Wednesday, January 25, 2012


it was a last minute decision to make lai-see for chinese new year again

instead of doing the writing of the chinese character (which stands for blessings
like i did last year) myself,
i decided to cut a few out from other professionally printed lai-see.....
because my handwriting is really not that great...

i made a few more than last year
in addition to little bb and my beloved god-children sansan and didi, 
a few more was made for those dearest... my brother, sister-in-law and a couple of good old friends...

each lai-see made stands for all my blessings....
i wish you all happiness, health and full of love....

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

2011.... 2012

we have been helping little bb to burn his energy in the speed of light these couple of days...
with yesterday and today being the first two days of chinese new year,
he has been visiting homes of the grandparents, uncles and aunties, visited by godmothers.....
no time for napping in between at all!
in a way, it's good (for somotu and me) as he falls asleep right away after shower... hohoho

this is little bb's second chinese new year.
he doesn't really know what is happening.

when he was given the red "lai-see"s,
he would either turn away or throw them onto the floor.

when he saw all the candies and festive food,
he didn't go begging for them.

perhaps next year, he would know that these are "good stuff"!

just now i pulled up the photos taken last year, his first chinese new year....
boy!  he is no longer a baby now!

last year, he would hold the "lai-see" envelop i made for him
this year, he is more interested in the lens cover of my camera more than the "lai see" envelop i made.....

last year, the red bowtie i made for him was tooooo big
this year, the same red bowtie looks about just the right size

last year, he didn't have too many expressions
this year, he has way too many....

Monday, January 23, 2012

a new year... and hopefully a better one

happy chinese new year!
this is the year of the dragon 
the dragon is thought to be the most powerful and desired chinese zodiac
and that it will bring good things.

i surely hope it will....

just when i was going to put of my thoughts and wishes into writing here,
something has happened couple days ago which turned most, if not all, people's head...

perhaps what i wish would be difficult to come true with the recent sentiment in the place we live in.....

anyway, this was what i have started writing down the other day:

there has been so much negative energy in the community, in the city recently
it’s scary to see what it will evolve into…..

before complaining, growling about others and this place we live in
think of what we have done for others and this place, our home

it’s all about give and take

it’s not a one way street

if we still want to complain and growl,
why not turn the negative energy into a positive one
take action 
in a positive and constructive manner
make a change

every bit of small change add up to a big one

this place is our home afterall

More love
Less judgement

in my humble point of view,
i truly believe that this place we live in will become a better place for all
if each one has "more love and less judgement"

I keep reminding myself of this
I want the community in which little bb is growing up and living in, a better one

Thursday, January 19, 2012

sofie hasn't grown bigger but you have

this was you when you were around 6 months old

though you are just a bit more than double older now,
compared to back then,
you are a giant now

sometimes when i look at you,
i still have the thought of
"oh my, i can't believe someone like me can be a mother"

as i am sometimes careless,
sometimes forgetful
sometimes longing for freedom
sometimes childish

perhaps it is not so bad to have these "qualities"
...being careless, we can watch out for each other more
...being forgetful, i won't stay mad at your little mischievious acts for too long
...being a lover of freedom, you can sometimes have your own "space" and breathe
...being childish, we can laugh our heart out together over the smallest thing...

Wednesday, January 18, 2012


in some ways,
i am very old-fashioned
i would like to say that i am old-school

i prefer things that are tangible, and with a human touch

this extend to little bb

i have been trying very hard to keep him away from TVs, i-phones, i-pads, etc
(it's hard because we have a technology guru at home!)

i like to spend our time together flipping through colorful books,
singing songs, dancing, doing crazy upside downs....
sometimes, i hold his hand to draw things, like stars (one of his favorite objects)...
and do coloring....

yesterday, we tried folding a fan
he didn't have a clue what was going on
and had an amazed look on his face...

this morning, i searched for origami instructions
and came upon a couple which i am going to give it a try together with little bb

this and this

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

bye bye 2011 christmas

2011 christmas is officially over for us, reluctantly....
as we have finally waved goodbye to our christmas tree and decorations.

last friday night,
with the help of little bb,
we packed away the christmas tree.

little bb contributed to putting the silver ball balls into the storage bag one by one.
we assigned this task to him as we know he would love it!
he loves the silver ball balls!

one by one,
he carefully placed them into the storage bag....
sometimes he would pause, wanting to take them all out again...
we had to keep repeating "put the balls balls into the bag"
and sometimes he would make sounds like "awwwwwww"
as if he has summoned all his strength to put the ball into the bag...

watching him being very busy is very .....
i can't think of a single word to describe the following combined together:
heart-warming + funny + cute + happy + blessed

Monday, January 16, 2012

progress of the little polar bear

you love cars more than daddy and mommy
you say "ka" more often and correctly than saying "mama" and "papa"
any thing flat and round in shape in your hands,
will become the wheel of the car,
you will keep turning it left and right as if you are driving a car...
and you will make sounds like "voom voom voom"
"yes dear, you drive really well and fast" '... hehehe

brownie and sugar are definitely more appealing than daddy and mommy
as you can distinguish brownie and sugar more than daddy and mommy
surely, two mobile furry balls are more interesting and fun to chase after
daddy and mommy are nothing but boring feeding machines!   hohoho

when you are in for it, you will wave your hand to say bye bye
and you will blow kisses
when you are not for it, you look away and pretend you don't understand

when you first found out you can walk on two legs,
you kept walking, walking and walking as if you were training yourself to run in a marathon.
but now,
you are smart enough to know when and where you want to walk by yourself
and when and where you just want to be carried

your next favorite object to car, is ball ball....
or anything round in shape
daddy and mommy tried to show different shapes and their names to you....
but you only seem to like circles
a square is a circle
a triangle is a circle
a rectangle is a circle

you still don't like to drink water
which makes mommy really frustrated

you seem to like "reading" books
each morning, you will point your little fingers to the books' box
and say "boooo boo baaa"
mommy has no idea which book you want....
mommy will pick one book for you to acknowledge or reject
when you say "booo boo baaaa" again and point at the box again,
mommy knows mommy got it wrong....
it's a guessing game for mommy

you love hugging brownie
mommy knows you would love to hug sugar too
but sugar finds you a bit scary....
just give sugar some time.....
one day, she will either let you hug her
you will be fast enough to catch her before she runs away.

and yesterday,
for the first time
you were finally being recognized as a boy correctly

hair does make a difference...
but mommy misses your long hair look

Sunday, January 15, 2012


meeting up with girl friends
chatting away
shopping away
eating away
laughing away
is always heart warming

what is it like if it is all of the above
plus one more
eating away

that is
eating away one
eating away twice

gosh, it's heavenly!

last saturday
eating away one was japanese
followed by eating away twice.....
very local style fast food!

i had wanted to try out this cute little local style diner 
and finally had the chance on saturday....

the deco is  60/70's local style
lots of very old fashioned but chic little zakka here and there...

it wasn't our plan to order a table full of food
we just wanted to have drinks...
but the menu looks too good
and we couldn't stop ourselves from ordering...

clockwise from top....
* 3Q combo... mini egg tart, mini chicken pie and mini coconut tart
* egg-dipped cheese toast with scrambled eggs and ham
* the "baby" duo drink...  ovaltine mixed with horlicks topped with marshmellow
* banana pancakes topped with vanilla ice-cream

just writing about them now
makes me hungry!!!!!!

all of them were super yummy!
especially the duo drink and egg-dipped cheese toast

i felt like floating on the clouds!!!  yummy!

the diner treated us local style jello poured with condensed milk!!!!
it has been a long long time since i had this kids' food!

Thursday, January 12, 2012

back..... forth..... NOW

while chatting with my colleague this morning
i suddenly realize that i will reach a milestone in terms of age by the end of this year
i fired an email to my friends who will be reaching the same milestone this year
this number was so distance to me only yesterday

met them for lunch
and one asked whether by reaching this number would change our attitude towards life

then it all came
to me that
i was the one who swore to never get married and never have children

i am the only one in the group who had done both

what lies ahead?
who knows?

perhaps it's best to just focus on NOW

little bb is fast asleep after a joyful day
i am sitting in my zakka room
listening to one of my favorite albums
enjoying some quiet moments to myself

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

more ♥

my turn to play with lights

at the beginning of a new year
i find myself having a lot of deep thoughts
about my identity, my roles as a mother, a wife, a friend, a daughter, a sister
about my work
leading to questions...

just at the right time,
i stumbled across a few places where i found words and phrases that really strike me

one being:

to have more love
less judgement

may your year ahead be filled with love