Saturday, December 24, 2011

a lovely afternoon

we had a very happy christmas gathering with our goddaughter and godson today

after a yummy (though a bit messy one because of little bb) lunch,
we went bowling!
yes bowling!  little bb's first time!!!!!!  
he seemed to like it and kept walking back to the lane....

sansan is a super good girl!
she has such great gaming manner!  she kept encouraging little bb and even gave him a thumb up!
i am so proud to be her godmother!

after bowling, we all went running around in the playground...
little bb loved driving and wouldn't stop steering the wheels!

and here are our busy little drivers....
they said they were driving us to disneyland!

i had fun playing hide-and-seek with sansan and didi...
honestly, it has been quite a long while since i played this game...
it was fun and heart-warming  ^_^

thanks dear joanna for having us for lunch and such great fun!


joanna said...

and odessa and owen are so lucky to have you as their kai ma!!!!

thank you so much for spending time with them and playing with them!! baby andre was so cute and gwai gwai!!

aileen ♥ motu said...

let's have fun again with all our babies again soon!