Sunday, December 4, 2011

let's travel to space!

every time i see these little toes
i just couldn't help but want to give them big smooches....

these days, i like to put mine next to his
and show him what is meant by "big" and "small"

we just had one of the busiest saturdays
and one of the most laid back sundays

little bb were invited to a birthday party of a 1 yr old
the theme was about animals...
just like little bb's....
then i think to myself,
unlike for girls, 
there doesn't seem to be much choice when it comes to boys...
it's either animals, pirates, racing cars.....
(okok, maybe i am biased...
i always think things for girls are nicer and cuter...  ^_^)

i love things about the space
i once dreamt of being the first female astronaut
little bb, why don't we have a party about the space when you are older?!

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