Friday, December 23, 2011

i love decorating them!

i went for a christmas cupcake decoration class
i thought it would be fun and festive
but i didn't expect myself to fall in love with cupcake decoration!

i have taken similar classes before,
but i just love this one,
probably because it has to do with my favorite time of the year
(not to mention that our teacher was playing the soundtrack of marie antoinette!)
it takes a lot of patience and care to roll the dough, do the color mixing, smoothen the fondant layer, cut the shapes, place the shapes and patterns onto the right spot, icing the top...
but the process is very enjoyable and at the same time therapeutic, especially after a long day at work....
i can just see myself doing the decoration non-stop!
i ended up with 13 different cupcakes.

and i must say this is the most difficult one to make... took me hours to finish it!
my little snowman which is dedicated to little bb!

i was going to wait till christmas day to show it to little bb
but he has already caught a glimpse of it and wanted it badly!

no boy, you just have to wait!
it's your christmas present from mama!


joanna said...

they are all so lovely and well made!!!! bravo!!!!!!!!!!!

aileen ♥ motu said...

thanks ^_^