Wednesday, December 28, 2011

the 28th

we have quite a packed day today!

i took the day off as it is somotu's birthday today!

it is always a big big big headache for me to think of what to get him as birthday present.
he is very particular and 9 out of 10 times, 
he would blow off my suggestions...

since some years ago,
i have given up trying and would simply ask him what would he want.
(so not romantic!!!  i know!  but better than being wasteful!)

same again this year, 
i kept asking him what he would like and he kept saying he didn't want anything.

so that's what i did...
nothing for him.
well, except the above photo i took last night....
dedicated to somotu!

happy birthday dearest!!!

back to how we spent the day....
we had lunch at a new restaurant which turned out to be really good.
then went to pick up little bb's passport!
little bb had to attend in person as well!  
we were thinking whether the immigration officer would interview him!
"why do you need a passport?"
"why your hair is so long?"
"did your parents filled in the gender incorrectly?"
no, the officer was too cool and dull to even look at him! 
and we got a bonus!!!!!
little bb's identity card!!!
we didn't know applying for the passport would come with the identity card as well.
i couldn't help but laughed out loud when i saw his chubby face on the passport and his little identity card!  hahahahaha

originally, we were going to bring him to the salon i go to for a free haircut.
yes, free!
my hairdresser said it's his service for long time customer.... as long as the child is under 3 yrs old.
well, to be exact, i am definitely not a long time customer.... but why would i deny!
but i wasn't able to contact him....
so in the end,
we went to another salon to have a paid haircut!
more about his first professionally done haircut later......

he looks more like a boy now ^_^

we then went shopping for a chair to replace the one at home.....
headed home right after

then somotu and i went out for dinner...
yup, just the two of us.... for a change.

when we got home after dinner,
somotu was busy ensembling the chair
and so was little bb!
he wanted to help daddy so much 
he looked really seriously, trying to hand the tools over, walking and crawling around the upside done chair.....
i love this picture of them working on something together....


~3iNnA~ said...

Happy Birthday to your hubby!

I gave up on what to get for my husband also. Once in awhile I know what to get for him but other times my brain can't function. I agree even if it is not romantic. I will rather him use it than let it collect dusts or ...

Soon they will hang out, play sports or help and be Mr. Fix or handy man!!

kat said...

Aileen you are funny I laughed at the part "why your hair so long, did your parents fill in gender correctly?" he he!
But now bb has a hair cut ...awww
Happy new year wishes
Kat x

aileen ♥ motu said...

thanks ~3iNna~
exactly, i don't want to be wasteful... talking about not romantic, for two years in a roll, he asked me to go back to the store to exchange my gifts to him! that's totally not romantic! since he is a very practical guy, i can only be practical with him!!!

thanks thanks kat...... ^_^