Friday, December 30, 2011

the last of 2011

on the last couple of days of 2011

it's the last working day today
since yesterday,
i have been trying hard to tidy up my work area at work.
things have gotten a bit messy 
with pieces of paper and files here and there

to have a fresh new beginning,
i went through all the paper, files
said bye bye to the ones i don't need and saw them to the recycling bin

organized a bit better...

a refreshed working area awaits me in 2012!

the fever is still holding onto little bb.
middle of last night,
we woke to see him red as a tomato...

the doctor said his throat is infected
probably passed to him by an adult...
and that adult is probably me!
poor little bb....
and i am feeling guilty for not taking good care of myself.....
the good thing is he seemed to be a bit more playful than yesterday...
though his appetite has dropped....

i am still not well after almost a week....

get well soon to both little bb and myself ~~

Thursday, December 29, 2011

38 ~ 39

he was unusually inactive and dull after his dinner tonight
checked his temperature and found out he has a slight fever...
38.6 to 39 then back to 38.4

it's his first fever and our first encounter of bb's fever
i was a bit panicky ^_^
lucky that somotu came home just in time

somotu called a friend of his to ask for advice and to-do's
while i took off some of little bb's clothes to help him cool down
gave him medication (lucky we still have the fever reduction mediation from his vaccination awhile ago)
gave him some water....

he seemed to be cooling down

on a lighter side of things,
before all this,
i was having this as my dinner

apples, pears, pomegranate and nata de coco
i needed to detox after all the festive food

i wasn't able to eat much with little bb's fever....
so it will be my dinner tomorrow as well

hope little bb will be up and running again to greet the new year!
we don't have any special plans for new year's eve and new year's day
but i just want you to be your usual happy, cheerful and smiley self!

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

the 28th

we have quite a packed day today!

i took the day off as it is somotu's birthday today!

it is always a big big big headache for me to think of what to get him as birthday present.
he is very particular and 9 out of 10 times, 
he would blow off my suggestions...

since some years ago,
i have given up trying and would simply ask him what would he want.
(so not romantic!!!  i know!  but better than being wasteful!)

same again this year, 
i kept asking him what he would like and he kept saying he didn't want anything.

so that's what i did...
nothing for him.
well, except the above photo i took last night....
dedicated to somotu!

happy birthday dearest!!!

back to how we spent the day....
we had lunch at a new restaurant which turned out to be really good.
then went to pick up little bb's passport!
little bb had to attend in person as well!  
we were thinking whether the immigration officer would interview him!
"why do you need a passport?"
"why your hair is so long?"
"did your parents filled in the gender incorrectly?"
no, the officer was too cool and dull to even look at him! 
and we got a bonus!!!!!
little bb's identity card!!!
we didn't know applying for the passport would come with the identity card as well.
i couldn't help but laughed out loud when i saw his chubby face on the passport and his little identity card!  hahahahaha

originally, we were going to bring him to the salon i go to for a free haircut.
yes, free!
my hairdresser said it's his service for long time customer.... as long as the child is under 3 yrs old.
well, to be exact, i am definitely not a long time customer.... but why would i deny!
but i wasn't able to contact him....
so in the end,
we went to another salon to have a paid haircut!
more about his first professionally done haircut later......

he looks more like a boy now ^_^

we then went shopping for a chair to replace the one at home.....
headed home right after

then somotu and i went out for dinner...
yup, just the two of us.... for a change.

when we got home after dinner,
somotu was busy ensembling the chair
and so was little bb!
he wanted to help daddy so much 
he looked really seriously, trying to hand the tools over, walking and crawling around the upside done chair.....
i love this picture of them working on something together....

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

dizzy days

.... best spent lying on bed, covered by thick heavy blankets.....

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Saturday, December 24, 2011

a lovely afternoon

we had a very happy christmas gathering with our goddaughter and godson today

after a yummy (though a bit messy one because of little bb) lunch,
we went bowling!
yes bowling!  little bb's first time!!!!!!  
he seemed to like it and kept walking back to the lane....

sansan is a super good girl!
she has such great gaming manner!  she kept encouraging little bb and even gave him a thumb up!
i am so proud to be her godmother!

after bowling, we all went running around in the playground...
little bb loved driving and wouldn't stop steering the wheels!

and here are our busy little drivers....
they said they were driving us to disneyland!

i had fun playing hide-and-seek with sansan and didi...
honestly, it has been quite a long while since i played this game...
it was fun and heart-warming  ^_^

thanks dear joanna for having us for lunch and such great fun!

Friday, December 23, 2011

it's here!

finally our christmas long weekend has arrived!

i am still exhausted
and still battling against the flu

but i get to spend the next few days with little bb round the clock!

tonight, we had our family dinner at my uncle's place.
our three babies were over-joy over there!
made my day seeing them so excited and happy and energetic!

i love decorating them!

i went for a christmas cupcake decoration class
i thought it would be fun and festive
but i didn't expect myself to fall in love with cupcake decoration!

i have taken similar classes before,
but i just love this one,
probably because it has to do with my favorite time of the year
(not to mention that our teacher was playing the soundtrack of marie antoinette!)
it takes a lot of patience and care to roll the dough, do the color mixing, smoothen the fondant layer, cut the shapes, place the shapes and patterns onto the right spot, icing the top...
but the process is very enjoyable and at the same time therapeutic, especially after a long day at work....
i can just see myself doing the decoration non-stop!
i ended up with 13 different cupcakes.

and i must say this is the most difficult one to make... took me hours to finish it!
my little snowman which is dedicated to little bb!

i was going to wait till christmas day to show it to little bb
but he has already caught a glimpse of it and wanted it badly!

no boy, you just have to wait!
it's your christmas present from mama!

Thursday, December 15, 2011

slow and steady

this is the favorite time of my year.....
i actually don't want dec 25 to come too soon
i want to cherish every moment leading to this day....
cuz after this day, 
i will have to wait for another year again....

slow and steady please
i am enjoying my time!

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

thank you dear!

i absolutely adore this handmade christmas wreath from dear joanna

it is stunningly beautiful!

i wish i were half as talented as you dear!!!!

thanks so much!!!!

and i love love love the little postcard that comes with it...
love the words!

and i am so honored to receive wreath no.1!!!

Monday, December 12, 2011

♥ first trial ♥

house full of ♥♥♥♥

will continue trying to take better ones tomorrow!

and special thanks to sugar darling for being my ♥bokeh model♥

Sunday, December 11, 2011

more of them

i finally found out how to get hearts here
i will be trying them out!

i love these blurry bubbles..
i love bokeh

hope i can get the hearts!!!!!


i just had a wonderful birthday on friday...

didn't really do anything special
other than going to ocean park and my favorite place for afternoon tea
then had dinner with dear friends

the most important thing was
i spent the day with my beloved ones

and happy birthday to all those who has the same birthday!

and many many thanks to my dearest friends for your wishes, time and gifts!

and somotu, thanks for doing something that you wouldn't normally do..  ^_^

Thursday, December 8, 2011

happy day

i am very happy today
cuz we finally got a christmas tree!

it's our very first christmas tree!!!!!

and i am very happy that i finally got the bokeh effect i want!
i love the blurry lights look in the photo...
i love the look so much that i took over 20 pictures of the same!
taking about being crazy ^_^

Monday, December 5, 2011

they know better

sometimes i wonder babies are really still just "babies"
or they are playing dumb

i have been trying to get little bb to feed himself with his milk and food
but all in vain...
though i have read that other babies of the same age has already started feeding themselves
i think to myself that maybe mine is slow with these things and is not ready yet.

well, not really...
recently, i started giving him yoghurt...
that's when i think he is not as "slow" as i think....

with yoghurt, he gets impatient and will reach out his little hand
to take the spoon from my hands and start dipping the spoon into the yoghurt.
he must really like yoghurt....  ^_^

this "pro-activeness" extends to fruits... not all type of fruits
only certain ones, like banana and blueberries....

my conclusion,
babies like to play dumb...
they know better when to be lazy and when to be "aggressive"

i miss that week when i had to stay at home and be a part-time-full-time-mom.
it was only during that week that little bb finally can walk by himself, in quite steady steps...

Sunday, December 4, 2011

let's travel to space!

every time i see these little toes
i just couldn't help but want to give them big smooches....

these days, i like to put mine next to his
and show him what is meant by "big" and "small"

we just had one of the busiest saturdays
and one of the most laid back sundays

little bb were invited to a birthday party of a 1 yr old
the theme was about animals...
just like little bb's....
then i think to myself,
unlike for girls, 
there doesn't seem to be much choice when it comes to boys...
it's either animals, pirates, racing cars.....
(okok, maybe i am biased...
i always think things for girls are nicer and cuter...  ^_^)

i love things about the space
i once dreamt of being the first female astronaut
little bb, why don't we have a party about the space when you are older?!