Tuesday, November 1, 2011

a year home

last year this date,
you came home with us.

your first entrance into home was greeted by excited brownie and sugar.

we were overwhelmed,
and a bit chaotic
we forgot where we put the diapers,
we didn't know where we put the body bath,
we couldn't find the wet tissue....
(we were "too" organized!)

after a bit of running around, yelling,
we managed to settle down.

you had your first diaper change on the changing tray,
your first nap in your cot,
your first feeding,
your first bath in your little bathing tub....

apart from joy, i was a bit paranoid
that you are finally home with us,
no more nurses and doctors around.
i suddenly felt i was alone with you.

but of course that was not the case,
we had more help than we could ask for.
it was just the feeling i had...
i looked at you, your tiny body 
and got scared... i wasn't sure if i could be a good mom, a mom.

a year has passed.
i look at you now and can't believe how much you have grown!
it's simply amazing to see you grow from a tiny bean to what you are now.

i am no way near being a good mom,
but i am trying.

i don't have a lot of expectations of you,
i mean i am not going to be demanding 
(and will try to stay that way despite of the parenting style nowadays)....

i hope that you will stay healthy, happy and kind hearted.
be a responsible person,
don't be harsh on others,
treat others as you wish to be treated,
be the kind of person that brings sunshine,
love your grandparents and uncles and aunties,
love all animals
and yes, again,
be kind.


amy said...

congratulations mom and happy birthday little bb!

learnt about your blog from a newspaper article a while ago and am impressed at your handicrafts.

i love handicrafts too but i am too lazy to work on them. :P

i have been teaching my 4-year-old son to sew too. guess you will enjoy passing your favourite hobby to your beloved one too! try try when he's bigger! :)

wildflowers said...

Yes time really flies doesn't it?! Wonderful post :)

aileen ♥ motu said...


thanks for stopping by amy.... i didn't know about the newspaper article until a friend told me.... and thanks for sharing your blog and great idea!!!

sabe said...

KJ...KM wishes you happiness always. Be a good boy, be good to your family and bring more love to the world.....

aileen ♥ motu said...

thanks my dearest km! xoxoxoxoxo