Monday, November 28, 2011

one busy little toddler

these are all the *artistic* work done by mama and little bb together....
we have been to this playgroup for three times
and look!  we got five pieces of work done already!
actually there are a couple more 
but they, including a piece of colored rock, are drying in the school now....

this work is up to your imagination
whatever you see is whatever it is!

here, what we were supposed to do was to smear red paint and yellow paint
to make orange!

this one was made by rolling a toy car over blue paint,
then ran the car over the track....

as seen, the *driver* did not follow directions
he got a bit out of control
instead of going *8*
it ran back and forth.

~~~ i am singing in the rain ~~~
~~~ singing in the rain!!! ~~~

~~~ rain drops keep falling on my head! ~~~

a pear......  painted with a pear shaped stencil...
nothing exciting with this one...

..... and a pair of rabbit ears...
though little bb likes it in his hands more than on his head....

i kept putting it on his head
he kept pulling it down
not long, 
one ear got pulled off....

what will we be doing together in our next session?

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