Monday, November 14, 2011


tears almost came out when i needed to get up and get ready for work this morning

little bb was still sound asleep
and i looked at him for a long time
i ran my fingers through his hair
i pat his face lightly
and kissed him on his face

however much unwilling and difficult it was
i got up

it was more difficult for me this morning than 
that morning when i had to get up at the end of my maternity leave

i guess it is more difficult now than back then
because little bb is a lot more responsive to a lot of things as he is afterall, a year old already
and he babbles and giggles and smiles alot

as i settled down in the office,
began my daily work,
responded to emails,
answered phone calls....
i found myself enjoying this other part of life.
i still like the kind of challenge and satisfaction associated with work.

i don't know,
i still don't know whether i would like being a full-time mom for good....

at this moment,
it would be ideal if my work allows me to work on certain days of the week only
and i could spend the rest of the week with little bb without having to check blackberry or answer phone calls.....
but this is just in my dreams....
don't think such kind of job exists here!


amy said...

exactly. if there is a part time job where we can either work say 3 days of the week, or only in the mornings, it would be just perfect! job sharing is not a new thing but it rarely exists in hk!

aileen ♥ motu said...

hk is not still as supportive of working moms.... even if the firm allows flexible working hours, the working mom is still expected to be on call / blackberry 24/7... pay is cut but work amount is the same!

ashlee 魚 said...

is it possible to work from home ? not sure about your job nature.....
but quite a number of my friends (in different fields) can have this "privilege" now....

aileen ♥ motu said...

i think my employer is not that open with this idea... my previous employer does have what they call, flexi-hours... can either work half days or take certain days of the week off.... salary is adjusted accordingly... but what i have seen is that those on this scheme have to work even when they are off... i guess it really depends on the firm and the managers.... your friends are so lucky!