Monday, November 21, 2011


have been extremely busy with this and that lately
whether it is at work or at home,
it seems like there is a stream of things i need to take care of.....
hardly have time for myself anymore

this past weekend, we had some good fun.
little bb has his first walk in the mall.
he was so happy and excited that he kept making very funny sounds in high pitch.
i guess it must be there are so many shops with colorful decorations and people walking around which got him really busy and nosy.

little bb has been kind of slow in learning to walk.
for one, we all agreed that he is one little lazy body.
he prefers crawling to walking.
i think it's because he has figured that it is much faster to get to where he wants to go by crawling.

and secondly, it's really because he wasn't given enough chances to practice.
when we all go to work, he is usually in his playpen or high chair.

last week when i stayed home,
i let him do all the crawling, stumbling he wanted...
and he did make a lot more progress with walking.

i can tell that he is realizing the fun and adventures that comes with walking
and he is enjoying it more and more!

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