Wednesday, November 9, 2011

day 7

weather continued to be pretty bad today...

this is the standard description of weather like today's.

i love it.

rainy, cloudy and a bit cold.

how do i like to spend such a day?

in the past, it would be
~ staying at home, listening to my favorite albums, doing nothing or reading magazines, or making things
~ riding in a car, watching the rain, watching patterns they create, watching the rain drops slide down the windows, listening to the rain knocking on the windows
~ daydreaming
~ sipping coffee
~ cuddling with brownie and sugar
~ having somotu next to me

now, it is
~ all of the above
snuggling with little bb, sniffing his baby (and sweaty) scent

today is spent as above....

somotu took half day off and off we drove to a far away place....
i enjoyed the ride in the car a lot.....
the rain, the music and my loved ones

brownie and sugar have a new look after the visit to the parlor

these days are coming to an end soon.....
i will miss these days

i realize i hardly have any time for myself...
i don't get to brush my teeth, wash my face sometimes (yucks!)
i don't get to drink water
i don't get to eat properly until when everyone is sound asleep (like now, i am eating away when it is almost 2am....  so unhealthy but so yummy)
i don't get to look at the mirror
i don't get to comb my hair
nonetheless, little bb sees me the same ^_^
who cares what others think or see!?  haha!


amy said...

yeah it is actually busier being a full-time mom. at work, i can slack off a bit like surfing the net now, but then i'm missing my kids so much! :P

aileen ♥ motu said...

that's true amy.... it is only on the working days that i can have time to do things for myself, etc.... including surfing the net! the rest of the time is dedicated to our kids...