Tuesday, November 8, 2011

day 6

my original plan was to ride the star ferry to central with little bb...

on sunday, while we were walking along the harbour,
it suddenly dawn on me that little bb has not yet rode the ferry.
i think little bb will love the ride as there will be lots of people and 
can get close to the sea!
it's also the perfect weather to do the ride, with the autumn breeze,
it will be an enjoyable one.

however, weather was quite bad today.
it rained most of the day.
though i am not bothered by the rain, i was told not to go out...

but i couldn't sit still in the house, i wanted to bring little bb out.
so instead, we went to the mall nearby,
went to the book shop to read some books,
checked out the toys
and had tea with grandma....

little bb is quite fond of "reading" books.
he loves to keep turning the pages back and forth,
pointing at the pictures and "saying" things,
though i have no idea what he is trying to tell me,
i pretend i understand ^_^

one thing i am quite concerned with is that little bb doesn't like to drink water....
and it seems that he is also becoming picky with fruits.
he used to like all kinds of fruits (well except avocado),
but today, he hide his face when i was trying to give him banana....


amy said...

does little bb know how to play "cheers"? (just like toasting with each other and say cheers!) i know some mothers play this game with their babies to make them drink more water. try try!

aileen ♥ motu said...

thanks very much amy! i didn;t know about this game ! i will try with little bb tomorrow! thanks again!