Monday, November 7, 2011

day 5

wow, it's day 5 already!

i think i am already missing these part-time full-time mom days!
yes, i am extremely tired and my back is not getting any better...

but i love being with little bb and brownie and sugar round the clock.

we didn't go out today.

after little bb's early morning feeding,
we both slept till almost noon!!!!
what a luxury!

shortly after, my parents came over to keep us company.

with them being around,
i was able to do more serious tidying up of the house.
all the birthday presents little bb received since his little party were still lying around the house!
now, they are finally in their proper place...
and we let little bb played with some of them.
no, we can't let him see all the presents in one go.
otherwise he will be spoiled!

guess what we had for dinner...
it's been awhile since we had these fried chicken sets....
i like the one that is spicy with honey.

i was reading the school hand book to somotu aloud after dinner.
because i want him to hear what the school has to say about watching TV.  hahaha....
and i also find the treatment of misbehaved little bodies (or in their words "classroom management") funny yet useful....

i didn't really get the kind of attention i would like to have from somotu
in return,
i got something even better.
little bb loved hearing me read these boring reminders, policies and notes!

he have his eyes wide opened, full attention on me....
he giggled when i read
and frown (even screamed) when i stopped reading.

i love his reaction
but i wonder,
why he isn't he as excited when i read him his own story books????

oh, i finally took down the happy birthday garland.
though the paper pom poms i made are still up there.
little bb loves them...
i will be moving all of them into his room...

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