Saturday, November 5, 2011

day 3

in a way today is just like any other saturday.

usually on saturdays, our whole day is spent with little bb
and for a good half of the day, we will be out, not at home.

the only difference for today is that
little bb has started another playgroup.
this one is quite different from the one we have been going in the afternoon.
apart from having two native speaking teachers (one mandarin and one english),
there are more activities that allows creativity and imagination.
there are also more running around (up and down different play areas located on different floors).
for example, we drew dots with water color,
we messed around whipped cream with oranges (yes, what a strange combination),
we mixed red and yellow paint smeared on balloons to get orange color....

there was even tea time!
little bb was given two finger biscuits, slices of banana and a cup of water....
only that little bb was more interested at checking out other kids and the classroom than eating and drinking.

and i must say i love the classroom setting.
the playgroup we go to in the afternoon has a more free setting.
the parents will just sit on the floor with the kids.
here, we are in a real classroom.
there are little chairs, little tables, tiny play kitchens, baskets of toys,
racks of books, and many other interesting things.

i love having the chance to sit side by side with little bb on the tiny little chairs
and do our fun activities on the tiny little tables together with other kids.

this is exactly what it should be like when little bb starts kindergarten,
him sitting on the little chairs at the little tables,
paying attention to the teachers,
playing with other kids.
only by then, i would not be allowed in the classroom.

i really treasure every second of these moments....
it won't be long until little bb starts kindergarten,
followed by primary school, then secondary school, then college....
as he grows older, he will start building his circle of friends, and social network,
his dependence and time with me and somotu will diminish over time.
all these moments that i get to spend with little bb now
will be moments i will cherish in the future.

little bb was handed a welcome pack which comes with
~ a cap
~ a shirt
~ a vest
~ a backpack!  little bb's very first school bag...... 
though there are no books to put in yet!  hahahaha.....

if i am asked what i expect out of these playgroups / classes....
not much... 
other than for him to have more opportunities to interact with his peers.
when we go to work on weekdays, he is mostly in the house with limited company.
sometimes, i am worried whether he will be too bored, too lonely or become a lone ranger!


Blue Eyed Night Owl said...

It sounds like he'll have a good time there, it's nice for kids to be able to play together and it'll also help him get used to real school.

I love that they even had a welcome pack!

wildflowers said...

Such a beautiful photo :) Sounds like you had a lovely day! Life seems to go by so fast these days, everyone's always busy, so it's nice to hear of someone spending time and cherishing those special moments with their child xx

aileen ♥ motu said...


yes indeed... it feels like time is passing by more and more quickly. sometimes it goes by so quickly that it's scary..... so it's even more important that the time is well spent....

let's see if i am able to capture a picture of little bb wearing all the stuff in the welcome pack!