Friday, November 4, 2011

day 2

most of day 2 was spent in pain
because i strained my back (again) while
picking up little bb from his cot this morning.
i couldn't move for awhile.

but that didn't stop me from doing the household chores....
being a hygiene freak, i just couldn't sit back.
so i vacuumed and mopped the floor,
tidied up things, made the bed, etc...

tiring and painful but happy as i get to be with litte bb and brownie and sugar
every second.

somotu came home earlier and we went strolling in the park...
the weather was nice and there were birds chirping and singing...
little bb seemed to be fascinated by all these sounds around him.
he kept looking up and pointing at the sky.

when we came to the big water fountains,
little bb was equally excited....
he must be thinking why water is going up, instead of coming down
like the water coming down from the tap at home.

since the weather is much nicer and cooler now,
we will bring you to the park more often.

it was too hot for your dad during the summer times...
your dad melts under the slightest hint of sun ^_^

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