Thursday, November 3, 2011

day 1

it came earlier than expected.
my time and chance to be a full time mom,

our helper needs to go back home to see her mother who has became very ill over the weekend.
originally, she was going to return home for two weeks for her son graduation next year.
but with this sudden and sad news, she had to go back asap....
so my time and chance got pushed up a lot earlier...
i am very blessed that my managers are willing to accomodate my sudden request for leave.

during the time she is away,
i will become a full time mom,
or i should say,
a *part-time* full time mom.

the clock has started ticking,
and today is day no.1.

we both stayed in bed till 9:30am....
followed by playing time.

for the morning snack time,
little bb had blueberries, blackberries and raspberries.
i knew it was going to be messy,
nonetheless i let little bb picked the berries himself from the bowl.
he started off picking but ended up squeezing them....
mixed berries juice was what we have!

my original lunch plan for today was to meet up the girls for lunch in central.
i sticked to the plan and brought little bb along.

we rode the mtr.... and little bb loves riding it.
he loves looking at all the people, the ads, the signs,
the blinking lights...

lunch was great.
we were all sitting by the pool in open air...
autumn breeze kept us company throughout lunch...
we almost forgot we were located in central and the girls were supposed to return to work after lunch!
we felt like we were in some resort in thailand.

one of the girls, the only mom in the group, helped me feed little bb and insisted that i take the chance to eat my share of lunch...
little bb was a very good boy, he finished his lunch which i prepared in the morning in no time!
how come it takes him forever to finish his food when i am feeding him?!  haha....

when most of the girls returned to lunch,
we walked around the mall with the bride-to-be.
soon after, little bb and i met up with somotu.

we got home afterwards,
and i started preparing little bb's dinner.
for a change,
i wanted to make something tastier for him....
for the past several months, little bb had nothing but nutritious while very tasteless food,
so i decided to spice up his senses a little...

chop chop chop
i was chopping away tomatoes, onions and mushrooms....
i want to try making pasta sauce to go with the alphabets pasta
as dinner tonight.
wish me luck!
(as i am very very bad at cookin)

i plan to take little bb to the park....
hope the weather will stay nice.

and i pray that our helper's mom will get well soon.


amy said...

enjoy your new life! it's really a blessing for both bb & the mother if mommy can stay home! :)

Anonymous said...

well done. enjoy

Anonymous said...

well done. enjoy being part time ftm

aileen ♥ motu said...

hihi amy and vanilla,

an update on the dinner i made for little bb... it started well (i.e. he kept eating for the first half of the portion), then went down slope.... i will try to make something tastier tomorrow!

vanilla ~ how are you and bb? i can't access your site again...

~3iNnA~ said...

Enjoy spending some precious moment with your son. Before you know it he will be a young man.

I do hope you back is much better also. I have back muscle spasm but it is under control now.

Thinking of you across the sea...
Annie (NJ)

aileen ♥ motu said...

thanks annie, you take care of yourself too!

that's right... very soon he will be a young man, no longer a baby... though i am sure i will continue to treat him like a baby!

Anonymous said...

oh aileen
no more update on my blog but just fb, got no time

aileen ♥ motu said...

oh i see. thanks for letting me know