Sunday, November 27, 2011

my pumpkin

i have been very bad with recording bits and pieces in this space....
there is so much i want to write and make a record of
but i simply don't have enough time and energy...
will try my best to keep up.

it has gotten to a point where i am seriously thinking of giving little bb a major haircut.

because 9 of out 10 tens he is mistaken for a baby girl!
it must be because of his hair.

i have not really cut his hair since his birth.
his hair was a little bit curly when he was smaller and i found it to cute to cut...
then days after days, months after months, his hair grows longer and longer.

the only part i trim every now and then is the bangs.
simply because they were poking his eyes.
i have not touched the hair at the back.

now, the hair at the back has touched his little shoulders and have started to curl inwards....
to be honest, i think it looks perfectly ok,
well, at least he hasn't started school and i don't think it matters.

but recently i got so many questions about whether he is a boy or girl
which gets me start wondering whether i should try to cut the hair at the back....

even if i decided to,
i don't know where to begin with the cutting!
i am just scared that i will make him look even worse!  ahahahaha

so as of now, i am still thinking...
perhaps i should take him to a salon...

anyway, last sunday,
i had to trim his bangs.....
poking his eyes again.

he didn't want to be bound to the high chair...
it was quite a struggle for us both...

at least in the end,
his bangs are much shorter....
though uneven!

he resembles a pumpkin now with his puffy face and bob hairstyle.


kat said...

Your little pumpkin is so cute - he has grown so much since I last came by your place. I think boys can have long hair, they do here in England. I think it depends on what the clothes they have in are like.
Happy Christmas to you both
Kat xox

aileen ♥ motu said...

thanks kat! and thanks for reassuring me that boys can have long hair ^_^

i have been getting lots of comments about his hair!

merry christmas to you too!!