Tuesday, November 22, 2011

ready for christmas!?

christmas is my favorite favorite time of the year
i love the warmth and love that fill this period of time

every year i will try to do something for our home
to further enhance that christmas feeling

and every year i will struggle with the color theme...
whether it should be all white or should i throw in a little bit of color

almost every year, i would ended up with white.

this year, i decided to be bold and try colors!
(i think little bb has some influence on this.....  
with his arrival, i feel there is more *color* in the world!)

so, the colors are red, green and white!
(yes i know, how conventional and un-adventurous!
but i figure it's hard to go wrong with this combo)

i have started with the big windows in the living room..
it is a paper garland.... with strips of paper curved to make shapes that resemble christmas bells....

honestly, i think it doesn't look as nice as i have thought.
it looks a bit bare.

so right now, i am working on a second paper garland which will be a bit different from this one already made.

i have yet to fill up the rest of the house with other christmas decorations....


~3iNnA~ said...

I love the garland but can't wait to see your other garland.

I didn't start decorating yet but most of my Christmas gifts (more to go) are mailed out though. I think I will start decorating after my back recover.

Nothing is wrong with red, green & whites. Whatever you do your bb will love it no matter what.

I love Christmas also but our side we don't celebrate but on my husband side we do...

Can't wait to see more.

aileen ♥ motu said...

oh how's your back now? hope it has recovered already!

you are so good! i have only started on christmas shopping.... it seems there is never enough time to do all the things i want to do!

actually the christmas atmosphere was a lot better when i was young... we would have the christmas tree out, presents beneath it, dinners and gatherings.... it's quite different now... for one, it's quite hard to get ppl together, every one seems to be so busy, very difficult to get a time that everyone can make it....

anyway, happy xmas decorating!