Monday, November 7, 2011

cake x 2

i spent quite a bit of time on the birthday cake for little bb's 1st birthday party.
i wanted the cake to be a bit more special,
and i didn't want to go back to the one where we ordered one when he was 100 days old.

i did check out one located in central.
it is supposed to be quite popular but i didn't find any designs i like.
moreover, for the price they are charging,
i think they should do a better job.

i also thought of taking a class to make my own
but i figured there wasn't enough time,
plus i don't have an oven at home.

just when i thought i might end up just getting a conventional one,
i found a boutique party supply shop which carries cute and a bit less frequently seen items.
the party themes and stuff for girls are a lot prettier than the ones for boys.
but obviously, i don't have a choice here!!

the set for boys that i ended up picking was animal parade.
it comes in a color theme that i like, pastel tones.
no, i can't take bright red, bright blue... hahaha

i thought i might as well ask the shop owner if they have any recommendations for cakes.
and he did!

the cake shop was one which i had come across before.
it was a promotion they did at a shopping mall and yes, they made some very pretty cupcakes.

what i did next was did some sketching of how i like it to be made and in what color...
i wanted it to match with the animal parade theme.

after a few sketches, a few phone calls and emails,
the shop confirmed that they could make one.

i was anxiously waiting for the delivery date,
wasn't sure if it will indeed turn out to be the same as what i had drawn.
and of course, i was worried too about the taste.

this is it!
i am very happy with it!
the animals were done very nicely... they were even coated with glitter!
and i love the scallops round the cake...  they were done very finely, just the way how i had it in my sketches.
i am also glad that the guests quite like the taste...  it was chocolate underneath the fondant.
not too sweet and the cake was soft and moist enough.
i didn't get to take pictures of the cake myself though,
thanks to ah king, joanna and KM for taking pictures of it for me.

..... and the animals (actually just the zebra and the birthday message) found themselves on another cake on the actual birthday of little bb.

the other animals, the lion, the giraffe and elephant, were adopted by our little guests...
we were left with just the zebra.

i got this ready-to-go cake simply because it was small enough for just the few of us,
and it is in white color!
i decorated it with marshmellows left over from the party.
i think they look quite nice together!


Unknown said...

Just happened to see your blog. The birthday cake looks very nice. Can I know which cake shop you ordered from? I'm also planning to order one for my boy's birthday.


aileen ♥ motu said...

Hi Catherine ~ i got it from the shop called "let them eat cake". i think they have a facebook page "letthemeatcake"... you can check out their cakes, etc. happy birthday to your boy!

Unknown said...

Hi Aileen, Thanks so much! I'm going to take a look.. :)

aileen ♥ motu said...

you are welcome ^_^