Thursday, October 13, 2011


the flu seems to like to stick around
after a week, little bb is still sneezing and having a runny nose.
coughing has also caught up....

it's the first time little bb is officially sick and needs to take medicine.

i thought he would like taking the medicine as they tasted sweet.
but beyond the first sip, which he found interesting and smiled,
it is a battle for him and us.

get well soon my dearest
mama feels a pinch in the heart when the stuffy nose keeps you restless and crying at night.

on the lighter side of things,
somotu said he has never saw nor thought medicine bottles come in such small and short size.


wildflowers said...

It's no fun at all being sick. Hope the little one is better soon :)

aileen ♥ motu said...

thanks for your kind thoughts ^_^