Wednesday, October 26, 2011

busy 10

the month of october has been super packed and busy..
one event after another.
i didn't know how i was going to surf through all of these...

but now that the month is coming to an end,
things have worked out....
and i am very thankful.

last saturday, we had a little gathering at home for little bb's upcoming 1st birthday.

i am very very thankful to all those who came.
they have made us feel very blessed and loved.

although it was a small gathering,
it was still the first time i throw any "parties" at home.
i was very nervous for the couple of weeks before the gathering.
i worried whether our friends and family would be bored,
whether the kids would be bored,
what kind of food to prepare,
whether there would be enough food,
whether little bb would be taken back by a crowded house,
whether the decorations i had in mind would turn out alright.....

it's definitely not the super exciting and eventful party
but at least it went quite smooth.

and i am glad that i chose to have the gathering at home as opposed to restaurants or club house.
really because little bb is still too young and that being at home would give him the greatest sense of security and familiarity.
and home makes it more cozy (and crowded) *smile*

one of the decorations i prepared was these paper pom poms.
it took quite a bit of time (and force!!) to fold and cut them,
but i think they look quite alright by the window *smile*

and the best was, little bb loved them!
i was thinking whether he would be scared by so many giant balls hanging by the window.
but no,
as soon as i have them up,
he giggled and pointed at them.
thereafter, he would ask us to bring him up to them by pointing his little fingers towards them,
sometimes, he would make sounds like "ah ah oh".
and every now and then, while he is pointing at them, giggling,
he will go drooling......  *smile*

for these paper pom poms,
i followed the tutorials found here


~3iNnA~ said...

I forgot to comment.

Happy belated birthday to your birthday boy.

Is always the simple things that babies love.

I bought those pom-pom but in bigger version for my mom and for myself. We are preparing for their 50 years wedding anniversaries.

aileen ♥ motu said...


wow! please pass my best wishes to your parents! 50 years is truly remarkable!