Saturday, October 15, 2011


i have the luxury of sleeping till almost 9am this morning!
well, almost,
i was woke up by little bb's crying at around 6:40am.
after feeding him,
i spent twenty minutes struggling, trying to make him go back to sleep.
he wanted to jump up and down all over our sleepy and tired bodies.
i kept repeating to him that mama and papa are extremely tired and 
need some sleep before we can play with him.....

the twenty minutes of struggling was well spent,
as in return, we got an extra two hours of sleep.
little bb went back to sleep, reluctantly, after the struggle.

the rest of the day was as busy as any other saturdays....

here is another recent acquisition of mine,
a set of hangers for little people!
it comes with three hangers in different colors and a plate for hanging them.
the best part is the cute little bambi on the plate and each of the hangers.
when i spotted them, i just knew i had to get them!

i placed the bowtie i made for little bb on top of the plate.
they match quite well *smile*

1 comment:

Blue Eyed Night Owl said...

Really cute! I can see why you had to get it:) And that bow tie you made matches perfectly and makes it even cuter!