Monday, October 31, 2011

1st birthday : little things for little people

i just have the time to sit down and sort out the pictures taken two saturdays ago.
oct 22 was the day we had a small gathering at home for little bb's 1st birthday.

i didn't get the chance to hold the camera much that day as i was busy with making sure our guests were well attended.
so the photo taking role fell on my friends' shoulders.

i was only able to take the following few shortly before the arrival of our guests.

here's a little birthday hat made for little bb.
it's quite similar to the one i made for him when he was three months old,
only this one has more details on the front.
i sprinkled a generous amount of german glass glitter to make the number 1,
actually, i did it twice - the second layer of glitter was added when the first layer was thoroughly dried.
it turned out to be quite nice as it gives an added thickness and depth to the number 1
(of course, it is just a minor detail that no one else would have spotted ^-^)
the little zebra and lion were from a cupcake decoration set.
yes, animal parade was the theme of the party!

and on a very very last minute basis,
i made 8 more party hats for our little guests....
as you can see, the pom pom on the first hat was about to escape!
i was very happy to see that three of our little lovely guests put them on!
siu momo was one of them!

i wasn't going to get them.... 
because there weren't any that match the color theme of the party.
but in the end, i did....
and these are the closest color i could find.

little party favors for the little guests!
each bag is filled with slightly different goodies to fit the likes of our little guests.
one has tinkerbell, another has hello kitty, etc... for the girls
while the boys got woody, buzzlight year, mcqueen, etc... 

it was a lot of fun decorating the bags too!
i used a lot of german glass glitter again.
yes, i love glass glitter!
blue glitter for the boys
and pink glitter for the girls.

i love these!
i love marshmellows!
even better when they come in snowy white and pastel colors and SWIRLED!
i got a handful of them and put through striped straws to each one.
when i was making them, i had this picture of our little guests holding them,
eating them like lollipops.
and yes, that was exactly what it was like on that day!
i was very very happy to see that our little guests liked them!

and some more little things for our little guests.
i picked pastel color jelly beans (especiall for didi!), goldfish mix and organic bunny pretzels
for our little guests to munch on.

and more marshmellows and candies!

the center piece on the kids' corner.... animal parade on a carousel!
i saw the little guests having fun spinning it.

the paper pom poms i made....  which are still by the window right now.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

busy 10

the month of october has been super packed and busy..
one event after another.
i didn't know how i was going to surf through all of these...

but now that the month is coming to an end,
things have worked out....
and i am very thankful.

last saturday, we had a little gathering at home for little bb's upcoming 1st birthday.

i am very very thankful to all those who came.
they have made us feel very blessed and loved.

although it was a small gathering,
it was still the first time i throw any "parties" at home.
i was very nervous for the couple of weeks before the gathering.
i worried whether our friends and family would be bored,
whether the kids would be bored,
what kind of food to prepare,
whether there would be enough food,
whether little bb would be taken back by a crowded house,
whether the decorations i had in mind would turn out alright.....

it's definitely not the super exciting and eventful party
but at least it went quite smooth.

and i am glad that i chose to have the gathering at home as opposed to restaurants or club house.
really because little bb is still too young and that being at home would give him the greatest sense of security and familiarity.
and home makes it more cozy (and crowded) *smile*

one of the decorations i prepared was these paper pom poms.
it took quite a bit of time (and force!!) to fold and cut them,
but i think they look quite alright by the window *smile*

and the best was, little bb loved them!
i was thinking whether he would be scared by so many giant balls hanging by the window.
but no,
as soon as i have them up,
he giggled and pointed at them.
thereafter, he would ask us to bring him up to them by pointing his little fingers towards them,
sometimes, he would make sounds like "ah ah oh".
and every now and then, while he is pointing at them, giggling,
he will go drooling......  *smile*

for these paper pom poms,
i followed the tutorials found here

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

balloons & bubbles

this is the top i made to go with the polka dots bubble pants....
resting on the hanger set i got not too long ago.

i really like this double layered cotton gauze which i got a few years ago.
but i couldn't find the right project for it and hence it has been sitting quietly in my closet,
waiting for the right moment to come along.

it now finally finds it purpose!

and somewhere in the closet, i found this linen tape with goes well with the fabric.

this will probably be the last piece of soft sleeves made this year as autumn has quietly arrived.

i am now in search of fabric fit for making winter clothes.

Thursday, October 20, 2011


i have been having mood swings these couple of weeks....
filled with anxiety and the fear of rejection.
coupled with tiredness......
i feel like i am swinging in the air...
very dizzy.....

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

more bubbles

another pair of bubble pants made for little bb
it took me quite awhile to finish it
and when it is finally finished,
the weather is getting cooler....

ok, we need to wear it often enough!
next summer, it may only fit as a shower cap!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011


i have been in search for a filigree vanity tray for some time.

one saturday, before the start of little bb's playgroup,
i dropped by a zakka shop which i haven't been to for over year.

there it was!
waiting for me.....

it must have known my love for lace....
in addition to being the right size, the right degree of tarnish, the right level of details,
it has a lovely piece of lace framed to the plate.

it makes dressing for work every morning fresher and sweeter.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

busy body

here's a little busy body

busy checking out the drawers which used to be home of mama's zakka....
but are now filled with the little busy body's towels and clothes

mama's zakka have been homeless since your arrival....

Saturday, October 15, 2011


i have the luxury of sleeping till almost 9am this morning!
well, almost,
i was woke up by little bb's crying at around 6:40am.
after feeding him,
i spent twenty minutes struggling, trying to make him go back to sleep.
he wanted to jump up and down all over our sleepy and tired bodies.
i kept repeating to him that mama and papa are extremely tired and 
need some sleep before we can play with him.....

the twenty minutes of struggling was well spent,
as in return, we got an extra two hours of sleep.
little bb went back to sleep, reluctantly, after the struggle.

the rest of the day was as busy as any other saturdays....

here is another recent acquisition of mine,
a set of hangers for little people!
it comes with three hangers in different colors and a plate for hanging them.
the best part is the cute little bambi on the plate and each of the hangers.
when i spotted them, i just knew i had to get them!

i placed the bowtie i made for little bb on top of the plate.
they match quite well *smile*

Friday, October 14, 2011

in love with glitters

thanks to joanna for sharing her site
i am in love with it

i love every one of her ideas and trials
especially this glittery one

so happy that i have the time to make my own tonight
it's a brilliant idea of hers!
easy to make but yet super pretty  

i added two strips to my scribbling book

Thursday, October 13, 2011


the flu seems to like to stick around
after a week, little bb is still sneezing and having a runny nose.
coughing has also caught up....

it's the first time little bb is officially sick and needs to take medicine.

i thought he would like taking the medicine as they tasted sweet.
but beyond the first sip, which he found interesting and smiled,
it is a battle for him and us.

get well soon my dearest
mama feels a pinch in the heart when the stuffy nose keeps you restless and crying at night.

on the lighter side of things,
somotu said he has never saw nor thought medicine bottles come in such small and short size.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

my love for you hasn't changed

i haven't been posting much about zakka 
.... since the arrival of little bb


i haven't stopped loving and admiring and acquiring them

it's just that i haven't had the time to capture their beauty

here's a snapshot of two of my recent acquisitions

there are many others that are quieting waiting for their turn

Saturday, October 8, 2011


i would have never thought these colors would exist in our house!
but with little bb
things change................

colors have been finding their way to our house in different ways....

this time,
they are here for little bb's upcoming 1st birthday.