Friday, September 16, 2011

the recent me

i have been quite busy with different things recently
and therefore have not been able to write here as often....

of the many things i am engaged with, here are a few:

* busy with understanding the schooling system (for little bb), familiarizing myself with it.  boy, it is unbelievably competitive here.

* checking out school websites for updates on admission and filling out application forms for little bb.

* planning for little bb's upcoming 1st birthday.  though it is only going to be a small gathering at home, i want it to be memorable and special.  checking out cake shops, searching for party ideas, shopping around for decorations, etc.

* am going to pick up japanese again!  i will have my first lesson tomorrow!

* reading books about parenting....  the do's and dont's, etc

tomorrow is going to be packed day....

it will begin with a visit to the vets again....  the skin problem that brownie and sugar have is coming back again....

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