Thursday, September 29, 2011

a productive day!

an unexpected day off from the office today
due to typhoon signal no.8 being hoisted for the most of the day.

it turned out to be a very productive day.

most of the morning was spent on office work.
worked on a couple of spreadsheets, replied to requests, worked on some outstanding issues.
then i have this thought again:  i could very well just work from home everyday!
connection to my office workstation is not bad at all!

checked work emails intermittently throughout the day
while i made a few things for little bb.

i started with a bib.
i was going to just keep it plain, but i found the rabbit iron-on which i got for quite some time in my drawer.
so there it goes!
added a bowtie to make it less boring...
the bib turned out quite nice, i am quite happy with it.
especially with the color tone:  retro yellow and blue!

after the bib was done,
i made a pair of bubble pants for little bb.
i love bubble pants on babies.
there can never be too many pair of them!

after a short break,
i worked on a couple of decoration items for little bb's upcoming 1st birthday....

to wrap up the day,
i started working on a matching top for the bubble pants.....

and of course, little bb was either by my side or with somotu during the day...
his sleeping and feeding schedule were screwed up a bit...
but that's ok!

just like every now and then, i will allow myself to get naughty...
like eating lots of french fries and luncheon meat with instant noodles!
yum yum!

oh yes, that's what i had today for lunch and dinner!


Kay said...

I love your bibs! So pretty and creative. Your site as well :) Mmm...french fries! A devilish delight.

Lady G said...

I heard about the tyhpoon from the news, I hope it does not affect you and your family there. Stay safe.

aileen ♥ motu said...

kay and lady G ~ thanks for stopping by ^_^