Monday, September 5, 2011

my treasure

i still have plenty of little treasures hiding in my parent's place

one of them is a little box which holds lots of memories belonging to somotu and me.
i found it hiding inside my closet (which has now turned into my mom's closet).

lots of little things inside the box.

a stack of letter from somotu....
received during that one summer when he went to summer school while i was back in hk
i love letters.... hand written ones.
despite of the technology and speed nowadays, i still prefer receiving mail via the post to those via the cyber space.
reading the hand written words, i feel the love, care and warmth.
and not to mention the wait....  waiting time is what makes things precious.
it is too easy to take things for granted and lose patience when things are made too convenient and easy.

ah!  and all these movie tickets!
going to the cinemas was once a weekend must for us while we were still at school!

a returned letter....
from me to somotu...
the letter set reminds me of the times when i loved collecting stationary and little items from sanrio..... 
a lot of these *collectibles* of mine are still hiding underneath the bed in my parents' place....

..... and
i still have that red rose somotu gave me on our highschool prom night....

the good old times!


~3iNnA~ said...

I loveeeeeee snailmails much more than emails. I used to love emails until I get bombard with more than 200+ emails daily.

You are sooooo lucky to have love letters from your hubby. My husband and I communicate via emails.

I love handwritten better than typing. I admire their time, the stationery they pick and waiting to arrive.

It always makes me smile when my families, friends and online friends (I never met) writes to me.

LittlePerson said...

handwritten letters mean the person means a lot to you that you don't mind spending lots of time on as it's talking about the triumph over your laziness ^^.