Sunday, September 25, 2011

mama's time off!!!!

this is really a luxury!

although i love being with little bb,
every now and then i do enjoy time off!

time for just myself
time for my friends
time for just somotu and myself

last friday night after work,
i had the luxury of having time to my friends.

we went to my favorite singer's concert.
we had a great great time
we sang, we danced, we screamed.

my voice was lost!

walked home after the concert and along the way, i got naughty
and picked up naughty food
~~ super spicy udon and jumbo sausage with tons of ketchup!

what a perfect way to end a wonderful night / time off!

her last concert was back in 2007
her voice is still super lovely and great....
though, i enjoyed the 2007 one more.
it was less commercial....


ar sa said...

i dont know much about her songs but some very pop ones. the 2007dvd, i dozed off 3 times while im watching. not that the show isnt impressive enough, its her voice! its the angels voice that could make me fall asleep with sweet dreams... again and again:)

aileen ♥ motu said...

yes her voice is angelic and soothing! no one can compare to her singing.... well faye wong is good but in other way....