Thursday, September 22, 2011

bubbles bubbles

a set made for little bb

for the past few outfits made for little bb,
i made a conscious effort in making sure they won't turn out to be girlish.
...  though a couple of them still did...  *smile*

for this set, 
i decided to forget about all the no-s,
like no trimmings for one.

i used the tiny baby pom pom trimmings to accentuate the top....
and some more for the bubble pants...


if i have time i want to make a couple of stuffed animals to go with this set.
you see the pocket in front of the top?
there's where the stuffed animals are supposed to be hiding, playing with little bb.

recently, my focus has been on two things: schooling and little bb's upcoming 1st birthday....
a lot of deadlines to remember
a lot of ideas for the parties in my head....
believe it or not, 
these thoughts sometimes make me sleepless at night.....

p.s. the lovely garland is a gift from little bb's godmother
i think it will come in really handy for the birthday party!

p.p.s i really love how bubble pants look on babies...
so bubbly and chubby


~3iNnA~ said...

Your bb is soooo cute & adorable. The outfits looks cute also.

Everything will work out.

sabe said...

can't believe kj is turning 1 soon! when is he going to call me km?!

aileen ♥ motu said...

thanks thanks ~3iNnA~

yes sabe.... we shall mark that day!