Saturday, September 17, 2011


today went by so quickly
i am now sitting in front of my notebook
boy, it's 11pm already!
felt like it was only a minute ago when i woke up to little bb's crying this morning!

today is packed from morning till night.

brought brownie and sugar to the vet.
they have some skin problems and brownie was sneezing and lost his appetite.
they are both fine, just need some medication.
the four of us then went for breakfast afterwards!

needed to rush home to get ready for my first japanese class
yes i am taking japanese again!
i had two years of japanese in university but 99% of what was learned was returned to the professor
(shame shame on me).
last sunday, after swimming with little bb at the pool in our complex,
i saw a japanese teacher giving lessons to another girl.
i walked up and asked if she could give private lessons.... that's how it got started.

i was on time for the class....
it was a joyful 1.5 hours!
before i knew it, it was the end of the class already.

met up with somotu for lunch.
we tried a new restaurant today.
it's a fusion of indian and turkish food.
i ordered chicken curry served with naan bread....  
and somotu had a lamb kebab.
both turned out to be really yummy!  will definitely return!

after lunch, we went to the bookstore to get the japanese textbook i need for my class.
picked up a few other items then again, rushed back home to pick up little bb for his class.

traffic was really bad today.... it took us almost an hour to reach the school.
we were a bit late but still made it to the welcome song!

class ended

reached home to pick up brownie and sugar to go to my parents' place

we all got back home after dinner....
bathed the three babies
 ..... and finally time to unwind......

a tired but blissful day.



Lady G said...

You and your baby looks like such a lovely pair.

aileen ♥ motu said...