Thursday, September 29, 2011

a productive day!

an unexpected day off from the office today
due to typhoon signal no.8 being hoisted for the most of the day.

it turned out to be a very productive day.

most of the morning was spent on office work.
worked on a couple of spreadsheets, replied to requests, worked on some outstanding issues.
then i have this thought again:  i could very well just work from home everyday!
connection to my office workstation is not bad at all!

checked work emails intermittently throughout the day
while i made a few things for little bb.

i started with a bib.
i was going to just keep it plain, but i found the rabbit iron-on which i got for quite some time in my drawer.
so there it goes!
added a bowtie to make it less boring...
the bib turned out quite nice, i am quite happy with it.
especially with the color tone:  retro yellow and blue!

after the bib was done,
i made a pair of bubble pants for little bb.
i love bubble pants on babies.
there can never be too many pair of them!

after a short break,
i worked on a couple of decoration items for little bb's upcoming 1st birthday....

to wrap up the day,
i started working on a matching top for the bubble pants.....

and of course, little bb was either by my side or with somotu during the day...
his sleeping and feeding schedule were screwed up a bit...
but that's ok!

just like every now and then, i will allow myself to get naughty...
like eating lots of french fries and luncheon meat with instant noodles!
yum yum!

oh yes, that's what i had today for lunch and dinner!

Monday, September 26, 2011

my second love

sorry my second love
i have not been able to spend as much time as i would love to with you

sorry to have to make you hide in the drawers for so long

i promise
i will find some time for you soon

in fact,
recently i have found some new friends for you

they shall arrive soon
then we can have a party!

Sunday, September 25, 2011

mama's time off!!!!

this is really a luxury!

although i love being with little bb,
every now and then i do enjoy time off!

time for just myself
time for my friends
time for just somotu and myself

last friday night after work,
i had the luxury of having time to my friends.

we went to my favorite singer's concert.
we had a great great time
we sang, we danced, we screamed.

my voice was lost!

walked home after the concert and along the way, i got naughty
and picked up naughty food
~~ super spicy udon and jumbo sausage with tons of ketchup!

what a perfect way to end a wonderful night / time off!

her last concert was back in 2007
her voice is still super lovely and great....
though, i enjoyed the 2007 one more.
it was less commercial....

Friday, September 23, 2011

quite moments

enjoying quite moments between us.....

even brownie and sugar are taking a break....

this set of ABC's is one of mama's favorite toys for you,
though it seems like mama is having more fun with it than you.

sometimes mama really doesn't know what clicks for you!
seems like all the toys mama got you
is not as fun as the ziplock bag for keeping the picture cards!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

bubbles bubbles

a set made for little bb

for the past few outfits made for little bb,
i made a conscious effort in making sure they won't turn out to be girlish.
...  though a couple of them still did...  *smile*

for this set, 
i decided to forget about all the no-s,
like no trimmings for one.

i used the tiny baby pom pom trimmings to accentuate the top....
and some more for the bubble pants...


if i have time i want to make a couple of stuffed animals to go with this set.
you see the pocket in front of the top?
there's where the stuffed animals are supposed to be hiding, playing with little bb.

recently, my focus has been on two things: schooling and little bb's upcoming 1st birthday....
a lot of deadlines to remember
a lot of ideas for the parties in my head....
believe it or not, 
these thoughts sometimes make me sleepless at night.....

p.s. the lovely garland is a gift from little bb's godmother
i think it will come in really handy for the birthday party!

p.p.s i really love how bubble pants look on babies...
so bubbly and chubby

Sunday, September 18, 2011

my little cowboy

a very pretty cowboy bib made by dear joanna,
thanks so much dear!

Saturday, September 17, 2011


today went by so quickly
i am now sitting in front of my notebook
boy, it's 11pm already!
felt like it was only a minute ago when i woke up to little bb's crying this morning!

today is packed from morning till night.

brought brownie and sugar to the vet.
they have some skin problems and brownie was sneezing and lost his appetite.
they are both fine, just need some medication.
the four of us then went for breakfast afterwards!

needed to rush home to get ready for my first japanese class
yes i am taking japanese again!
i had two years of japanese in university but 99% of what was learned was returned to the professor
(shame shame on me).
last sunday, after swimming with little bb at the pool in our complex,
i saw a japanese teacher giving lessons to another girl.
i walked up and asked if she could give private lessons.... that's how it got started.

i was on time for the class....
it was a joyful 1.5 hours!
before i knew it, it was the end of the class already.

met up with somotu for lunch.
we tried a new restaurant today.
it's a fusion of indian and turkish food.
i ordered chicken curry served with naan bread....  
and somotu had a lamb kebab.
both turned out to be really yummy!  will definitely return!

after lunch, we went to the bookstore to get the japanese textbook i need for my class.
picked up a few other items then again, rushed back home to pick up little bb for his class.

traffic was really bad today.... it took us almost an hour to reach the school.
we were a bit late but still made it to the welcome song!

class ended

reached home to pick up brownie and sugar to go to my parents' place

we all got back home after dinner....
bathed the three babies
 ..... and finally time to unwind......

a tired but blissful day.



i still can't do the self photo thing properly
the photo will turn out to be either too blurry,
too close or too far, etc etc

here is a black overall and a super short jacket in light beige color which i got years ago.
and so is the charm necklace....
i seldom get to wear accessories now, because i am always in a rush when going out
and that little bb loves grabbing necklaces...
better to keep them away from him for now!
the nano luggage bag is relatively new....  love it.

Friday, September 16, 2011

the recent me

i have been quite busy with different things recently
and therefore have not been able to write here as often....

of the many things i am engaged with, here are a few:

* busy with understanding the schooling system (for little bb), familiarizing myself with it.  boy, it is unbelievably competitive here.

* checking out school websites for updates on admission and filling out application forms for little bb.

* planning for little bb's upcoming 1st birthday.  though it is only going to be a small gathering at home, i want it to be memorable and special.  checking out cake shops, searching for party ideas, shopping around for decorations, etc.

* am going to pick up japanese again!  i will have my first lesson tomorrow!

* reading books about parenting....  the do's and dont's, etc

tomorrow is going to be packed day....

it will begin with a visit to the vets again....  the skin problem that brownie and sugar have is coming back again....

Monday, September 5, 2011

my treasure

i still have plenty of little treasures hiding in my parent's place

one of them is a little box which holds lots of memories belonging to somotu and me.
i found it hiding inside my closet (which has now turned into my mom's closet).

lots of little things inside the box.

a stack of letter from somotu....
received during that one summer when he went to summer school while i was back in hk
i love letters.... hand written ones.
despite of the technology and speed nowadays, i still prefer receiving mail via the post to those via the cyber space.
reading the hand written words, i feel the love, care and warmth.
and not to mention the wait....  waiting time is what makes things precious.
it is too easy to take things for granted and lose patience when things are made too convenient and easy.

ah!  and all these movie tickets!
going to the cinemas was once a weekend must for us while we were still at school!

a returned letter....
from me to somotu...
the letter set reminds me of the times when i loved collecting stationary and little items from sanrio..... 
a lot of these *collectibles* of mine are still hiding underneath the bed in my parents' place....

..... and
i still have that red rose somotu gave me on our highschool prom night....

the good old times!

Saturday, September 3, 2011

thank you's & AH!

* thanks joanna for the beautiful bib made for little bb....
despite of your busy schedule!

* thanks auntie ah king for the cotton pants...
they are very comfortable to wear.

* thanks kai ma for the lovely garland
it adds color to little bb's otherwise all white room.

* thanks ar sa for your class and patience on friday!
it was really fun though little bb was a little bit fussy...

and AH!
we see the 8th tooth coming out!

Friday, September 2, 2011

i love reading

i finally got the book

and this is the other one i got earlier....

the otter looks so much like sugar!
he looks so cuddly, wanna bite him!
just like with sugar!  hohoho

oh... and little bb makes a good reading partner
he loves flipping the pages for me

i go, "little bb, would you like to flip the page for mama?"
"little bb, would you like to see what's on the next page?"
and little bb will use his little hand to turn over the page....

i deal with the vocal part ~ reading (and exaggeration)
he deals with the manual work ~ flipping the pages

though sometimes he does get out of control
and flips non-stop

Thursday, September 1, 2011

in's & out's

so what's on the hits chart?

for the out's:

X being stuck in the high chair
X standing and standing and standing and nothing else

for the in's:

★ helping with household chores, such as cleaning the floor.   oops... mama's bag comes in handy...  
★ smiling really hard... with eyes, nose and mouth all coming to the center of the face

climbing and climbing and climbing