Monday, August 29, 2011


too lazy and tired to upload pictures...

so just words.... fragmented....

* had a wonderful break during lunch today.  
met up with my super lovely god daughter and god son for lunch.
then had a short visit to the book store.
felt refreshed!  
(as it was not such a great day at work today)

* had my first bite of mooncakes this year after dinner!
i love mooncakes!

* for the second time in a roll, little bb brushed his teeth with mama's help after dinner!
he enjoyed it even more tonight....
he grabbed the toothbrush from me and kept *brushing* his teeth (mouth) himself...
it was a very very funny and cute (and of course heart warming) feeling to feel the toothbrush running through his seven baby teeth....
when i tried to take away the toothbrush from him, he cried.... very serious crying!  he sounded even more upset than falling off bed the other night!
either he loved the massaging feeling or that the toothpaste tastes like real apple and banana!
(actually i did try the toothpaste myself before brushing little bb's teeth last night,
boy, it was yummy!)
and right now, i am wondering whether it is too good to be true (that little bb loves brushing teeth),
when he understands what it means, he will run away from me and that i have to chase after him every night!

* i didn't get to give manicure and pedicure (hmm actually, nothing in the proximity of *spa treatments*, it's actually torture in the form of nail clipping and occasional bleeding, oouchh) to brownie and sugar...
too busy entertaining somotu's mom yesterday....

* oh, and i got it!  hilarious! 

* and i am quite sick of myself, again....


~3iNnA~ said...

I hope you your day gets better as the hours progress.

Mooncake time? hmmm. I wonder why my mom didn't give us some? Must be the hurricane that confuse us all. Need to ask her later on. Thanks for the reminder.

Do your toothpaste have lots of fluoride? Be careful for kids.

Take it easy and please pamper yourself after a tough day.

From NJ

joanna said...

thanks, kai ma, for making the time to eat lunch with the silly boy and gir!! ^^

oh why sick of yourself...??

aileen ♥ motu said...

thanks annie.. the toothpaste is free of fluoride... thanks for the reminder ^_^

joanna ~ i am looking forward to the next lunch gathering with them!