Monday, August 8, 2011

summer shades

it's been quite awhile since i have the luxury and mood to color my nails.

i used to go for either colors that could be barely seen (very pale pink, nude colors) or that are as dark as the night (black, grey, dark red).

but with the arrival of little bb,
i find myself changing....
i now find bright and cheerful colors acceptable...  they seem to be lighter, brighter and happier!

awhile ago, i got myself a shocking pink tote bag
and a pair of bright blue ballerina flats....

with the nail colors,
i am now going with the brights as well!  
and afterall, it's summer time!  
a time to be happy and bright!
and of course, the nude ones are still my favorite.

the bright colors are a good choice indeed!
last night, after i put on the bright pink nail color,
i got all the attention of little bb!!
he kept pointing at and touching my candy colored nails!!!

oh and yes, i got matching colors lip glaze too!
they are from my favorite brand for lip glaze!
i love them,
they have the best shades, the best names and best flavors!
in fact, sugar's name *sugar* was chosen from the name list of their lip gloss!


wildflowers said...

Such beautiful nail colours! I don't do it enough myself, but it's fun to add some bright colours to your wardrobe, even if it's just through nail polish and accessories :)

aileen ♥ motu said...

especially for summer! i always go for nude or black, it takes a conscious effort to go for something different!