Monday, August 22, 2011

silly act 1

i have thought of doing outfit snapshots
but never did....

until today when somotu took out the tripod,
trying to take a proper family portrait of the five of us....

after we were done with the portrait thing,
i played around taking snapshots....
not very successful as i didn't realize the mode has changed 
and most of them were out of focus.

but it was fun....

in here,
my newly acquired lace camisole,
linen top with lace collar,
flower earrings,
flower bangles
* all from online japanese shops *
and my beloved trio zipper bag from celine
and old pair of jeans from chloe


wildflowers said...

What you're wearing is lovely! I adore the lace. And sometimes out of focus shots can turn out quite nicely. Something a little bit different and creative :)

joanna said...

beautiful!!! so "aileen" and pretty!!

aileen ♥ motu said...


yes i think i am falling for out of focus shots ^_^!!!