Thursday, August 11, 2011

a short break

i took three days off at the beginning of this week.
together with saturday and sunday,
i had a five day break.

of course a break is never long enough.
but i managed to make the most out of it.

saturday and sunday were not too different from the usual ones.
then came monday ~~ day 1.

day 1
* woke up and played with little bb until he fell asleep
* sneaked out to do some quick shopping by myself while little bb slept
* bought green peas for little bb as i forgot to get them on sunday... but then forgot to get cheese for him!
i think i really need to start scribbling on my hand as i am becoming quite forgetful!
* sat down for a light sandwich and sipped coffee while overlooking the harbour ~yeah!~
* got recommendation from a friend and got myself some makeup
* and BOY! did i finish up the short shopping trip with serious damage!  i got myself three pairs of heels!!!!!  don't think i need anymore for the rest of this year!
* went to disneyland with somotu and little bb

day 2
* woke up and played with little bb, though he didn't fall asleep like day 1
* my parents came...  took pictures of them with their grandson + brownie and sugar
* and off we went out for lunch at a burger place (fries fries fries!!!  i stole the order of fries from my dad!)
little bb was in a cheerful mood again while being seated in the highchair....  all went well until i smelt some major business made by little bb
* the four of us went hunting for a baby's changing room.  we found one, which was awfully big, nice and clean!  we locked the door and started the major recovery work!  this is my first time having to change little bb outside of home after his big business...  smaller businesses are manageable...  but this big one.... hahahaha.... it really caught the three grown-ups in chaos!  little bb must have sensed our clumsiness and was getting uncomfortable and cried non-stop.  well, at least we had the changing room all to ourselves and we could take as long as we needed......  after what needed to be done was done, i was all hot and sweaty!  and my parents couldn't stop laughing.... at how clumsy we were!
* we then went to the book store, a few baby shops....  and my dad got little bb a pair of sneakers!  dad kept saying the shoes i put on little bb were too small.... blah blah blah... and insisted on getting him a new pair.  then it was time for me and little bb to head back home...
* gave brownie and sugar their nail treatments (i.e. nails cutting / torture time) when i got home
* my cousin came for dinner....  little bb was again in a cheerful mood....  he really likes girls... especially younger girls!

day 3
* this is a day when i am not sure if i am bad or not bad.....  guilty or not guilty.  i did struggle a bit, but in the end, i stick with my original plan for the day... which is to meet up my ex-colleagues for lunch followed by a hair appointment. 
what was the struggle about?  it's about whether i should be leaving little bb at home when i could have stayed home and spent all the time with him.  with the lunch and hair appointment, a good half of the day was gone...   i decided to go ahead as planned because i think it's acceptable to make time for myself every once in awhile (please tell me yes it's ok) and most importantly, my hair was becoming unmanageable....
* anyway, i got back home before 6... so i was away for almost five hours... 
* i made it up to little bb with extending his play time after dinner....  ^_^

and before going back to the office, i removed the nice pink nail color....
bye bye.... see you soon.


~3iNnA~ said...

It is always okay to pamper yourself. You deserve it. Do your bb love your new haircut? usually they look at their mommy with their new wow mommy you look beautiful.

I am glad you taking some short breaks it is important to recharge your soul and mind and do what makes you happy.

aileen ♥ motu said...

thanks for the reassurance! i have struggled the whole night on tuesday.....

as for my haircut, it turns out to be not that different from before! just maybe one inch shorter! even somotu asked me whether i really did my hair!