Wednesday, August 24, 2011


i had some spare time during lunch today.

what should i do?
should i go back to the office and read the new books i got?
or should i go check things out for little bb?
(i think i looked a bit phased out choosing between the two while i was standing on the street, ha!)

not surprisingly,
i chose to check out the shop my friend mentioned to me yesterday
(yes, i am quite a shopaholic!).
she said the baby outfits are very nice and surprisingly inexpensive...

as things turned out,
i found myself landed in another shop (which was right across from that shop).

and i got a bit out of control.
i saw those tees which i have stumbled upon on the internet before 
but never able to convince myself to get them...

those tees are on sale now in the shop!
i got a few!

but that's not the best part about this newly found shop...
it was their collection of books, CDs and toys that really got me.

the book collection is not the main street ones...
in fact, they are a bit weird, 
but i find them amusing!
one of the books is titled "all of my friends are dead"...
i flipped through the pages....  it's hilarious!
i would have gotten it if not because of the kind of reaction i would get from somotu!

in the end i got a very proper one...
will take some pictures of it later...
it is very nice and have a vintage feel to it.

then the CDs!

for the longest time, little bb has been listening to this one...
a gift from sweet angela.

now, little bb has a choice!
lullaby renditions of radiohead!
oh my!
how rock!

before i knew it, lunch time was up and i needed to rush back to the office.
before i left the mall, i did stopped by the shop which i originally wanted to visit.
very nice and decent
but nothing compared to the other shop....  it is too decent (boring)!

oopps, i am back again,
i forgot to mention about their shopping bag.

on one side of it, it says in bold:

mama is my hero

how cool!

i am keeping this shopping bag.
it will be little bb's school bag when he starts school.


Blue Eyed Night Owl said...

Now that sounds like a fun lunch break! And weird shops are the best:) It's always lovely too find something a bit out of the ordinary!

aileen ♥ motu said...

yes indeed.... especially on boring days... a little of weirdness brings excitment!