Saturday, August 6, 2011

our saturday

today has been a tiring but fun day for both little bb and me.

for me, i started off the day earlier than usual (for a saturday)
as we needed to pay respect to my grandma.
grandma must have been taking care of us from above
as the sun was hidden by a big piece of cloud, 
making it less hot and sunny for us while we have to run around 
preparing and doing all the chinese rituals for her.
thank you grandma, you really are the best!
next time, we will bring little bb along.

we got back out to the city before noon time
and shopped around for mobile phones for my parents....
only to find out that it is not that easy to switch to another service provider....

the next stop was to get something for two little boys whom we would be visiting in the afternoon....
followed by a quick lunch at a little shop serving shanghai noodles...
i ordered a bowl of noodles in hot and sour soup, with chinese dumplings.
the dumplings were good but the soup base was not hot and sour enough for me!

we then walked home to pick up little bb for our visit to the two boys.
the father of these two boys is a friend of somotu,
it is the first time for both me and little bb to meet his family.

little bb behaved very well despite of being woke up from his sweet dreams when we reached the friend's home.
the little boys let little bb ride in their little car / walker and "eat" their bubble book....
they were so kind that they even let little bb take the little car / walker home!

after the visit, little bb attended his second class at a playgroup....
it seems like he has already made friends with the baby girl sitting next to him....
he kept looking at the baby girl, wanting to touch her hair and face....
and the best of all was, the baby girl smiled back and wanting to do the same!
the mother of the baby girl was nice and didn't seem to mind little bb's friendliness (unlike some other parents who are overly protective of their babies),
so the two little babies got to play together and share the toys.
at one point, little bb was trying to get close to the baby girl for a kiss!  haha!
frankly, i don't expect little bb to learn much fro these playgroups as afterall he is still quite small.
the only reason is for him to have interaction with other babies.
i am glad he is doing that!

after the long day, both little bb and me collapsed to bed right after dinner!
no, actually, little bb was too tired and slept through dinner time....
he is now sleeping next to me in our bed while i am typing..
oh, and why i awake?  because i was hungry again!
i had a few bites of bread and am now back in our bed typing....
going back to sleep now.

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