Wednesday, August 10, 2011

le petite playground

although i knew that hk disneyland is the smallest one on this planet,
i did have some expectation prior to our visit.
especially since my colleague is a big fans of the park.
she goes almost every other weekend and tells me all the fun she has.

she brought me a map before my vacation and walked me through the 
different theme parks....  well only three.
we concluded that with this trip being little bb's first trip,
we should head straight to fantasyland.

as i am quite crazy about carousels, i got quite excited when i saw that there 
is one in fantasyland....
i had all these images in my head.... of riding together with little bb, taking polaroids....
the mad hatter tea cups, it's a small world were also attractions suitable for us.

well, it ended up that we didn't get to ride / enjoy any of these attractions.
as mentioned in my earlier post,
there were just too many people and the lines were way too long,
to top things off, 
it was steaming hot!
all these have exceeded somotu's endurance level to the extreme.

even though the line for it's a small world was only twenty minutes,
it was too long a wait for somotu.

so only walked around the park, talked to little bb about dumbo flying in the air,
the teacups turning madly round and round, the princess characters rushing through the park 
(to busy to even slow down for all their followers).....

one good thing was that little bb quite enjoyed the trip,
he was amazed with all the lights, the sounds, the music, the noisy crowd
and all the things that were moving up and down, right and left.....

the only area that i find interesting was actually the shopping area,
not because of shopping (and i am glad that little bb did not find mickeys and minnies 
interesting enough to bring home),
it's the decoration of some of the little shops.

like the picture above, one of the shops has lace curtains against blue walls.
nice combo!

..... this is the shop which has the lace curtain....
i like the font and style of the words too.....

little bb was soaking wet under the hot weather...
glad that he wasn't bothered by heat and sweat...

and this was as close as we could get to mickey and minnie....
again, the line was too long...
somotu didn't want to wait in line for just a photo with them.

i was also quite disappointed that these were the only mickey and minnie
we saw in the entire park.
shouldn't they have more????
in fact, we didn't really see any characters (except the princesses fleeing to a cooler place)
during our visit.
i was expecting them walking around the park, playing with kids, etc....
maybe it was for humanitarian reasons,
donald, goofy, daisy......  you are all safe.

to sum up, 
the best take away of the trip (for somotu and me)
was the mickey waffle.
it's really yummy.

but i am sure little bb had fun today.
which is the reason why we went.


ashlee 魚 said...

i wonder if there is really one day with less people visiting HK disneyland... probably wait until the one at Shanghai opened ?

me, not attracted by the rides at all (i like those more exciting ones).....but the decorations in the shops are seriously fancy & we can found details everywhere !!!

hey, your boy is really handsome ^^

aileen ♥ motu said...

i think you are right.... when the shanghai one is up and running, it's the time when we get our hk one back.

agree with you! the shops on the main street are surprising cute, vintage looking and nice!! too bad that i didn't get to stay long afer sunset. i bet the street looks even nicer at night when lights are on.

hahaha.... you are too kind ashley.... he is alright looking...