Friday, August 26, 2011

his first piece of art work

what do you see?

i see a butterfly.

you don't?

alright, i know i know.
you see a mess.

i am trying to *romance-sify* it.

the other day, i was trying to get a hand print of little bb's little hand.
it wasn't easy to make him stay still while holding him in my arms and trying to extend his right arm....
and let alone trying to make him open his hand and have it stay opened!

the second his little hand felt the soft muddy mushy white clay,
he got very excited
and couldn't stop grabbing the stuff with his little fingers...

the first mark he left resembles a scratch or marks left by a big furious bear....
second trial wasn't any better

in the end, instead of trying to get a clear and good mark of his right hand,
i let him grab and scratch all he wanted with both hands....

and hence this *butterfly*

not bad as his first art piece!  


i was in such a hurry this morning getting ready to work
that a good dab of facial cleansing cream got into my right eye.

it hurted like crazy.  i literally stamped on the floor because of the stinging and pain...
half an hour later, i was able to open my eye...  all red.

went to the optician, 
and my nightmare came true....

i was told to wear glasses for the next 5 days.
i can't put on my contact lens....

oh no!

please stay away from central for the next 5 days,
otherwise it's halloween for you.
a pale ghost floating around in thick glasses.

to make myself invisible / blend nicely with my black frame,
i will be in all black starting tomorrow.
i have even colored my nails black just now.

happy halloween.

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