Sunday, August 7, 2011

funny sunday

we took lots of pictures today!

little bb was in one of his funny moods today
and we just couldn't stop shooting all the funny moments!

we started the day with playing on the mats while brownie and sugar were busying walking back and forth.
after a light meal, little bb fell asleep in his highchair.

though he couldn't sleep for too long as we needed to wake him to rush to his play time at the baby gym...
today, he tried to make friends again with a baby boy.   good job little bb!

we thought little bb would be cranky when we sat down for lunch as he didn't really have enough nap time.
but no, he was in such a good mood and has such good appetite throughout the whole lunch!
when he was not begging for bread, he was busy cleaning the tables (by moving his hands across the table non-stop) or checking out other babies.
oh and we bumped into a friend and her family whom we met through joanna!

the funniest time was when little bb tried to "eat" somotu...
he kept chewing on somotu's arm, making somotu's arm all wet!

we went to toy'r'us just to walk around... but little bb was too tired from all the excitement at lunch, he fell asleep in his stroller.

during the quite moments, we went shopping for little bb's food menu and ah-ha!  i managed to get myself two magazines too!

soon after we got home, we had another surprise visit!
it's little bb's godmother this time!
apart from playing and giggling, little bb had the honor to be photographed by his godmother!
godmother is very very good at photography.
lots of nice pictures taken!
godmother, you must help take a proper family portrait for us one day!

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