Friday, August 12, 2011

expand and explore

little bb has his first taste of cherry tonight.
i wasn't hopeful that he would like them as much as bananas 
because there is a certain degree of sourness to cherries.

his reaction after the first taste was funny....
his eyes, nose, mouth all came together,
exactly like the reaction of a grown up after having tasted super sour candies!

i let him calm down a bit before i fed him again....
to my surprise, he opened his mouth, ready for the second taste!

one after another, 
no more his funny face
but an eager one!

we have been introducing new food to his menu
and also bigger in size so that he can practice using his fingers to pick up food
and eye-hand coordination.

some of the new food include:
* alphabet pasta made with whole wheat - not surprisingly, the texture is rough compared
to the regular ones and the taste is rather bland.  little bb doesn't really like them.  he prefers rice over them...  but i insisted that he needs to finish all that is cooked for him and slowly, he is now ok with them.  and more than ok if we cook the pasta with lean pork and add in broccoli, like the picture above.
* broccoli 
* turnip - cut into long strips so that he can practice picking them up and eating them himself
* green peas - mashed in a green mushy paste....  i must admit even myself goes *yucks* when
i see the paste.  but little bb is good, he can finish them all.

i am now looking for more new food to be introduced to him.

what i am most happy about with his progress is that he has finally learned how to pick food (even small bits) with his thumb and index finger ^_^

it's a lot of fun expanding and exploring the food choices together with little bb!


Blue Eyed Night Owl said...

That looks delicious actually:D

And what great progress!

aileen ♥ motu said...

yes.... sometimes i steal a few spoonfuls from his bowl!

Anonymous said...

very good