Wednesday, August 3, 2011

the best reason

i have never felt so (constantly) tired in my life before....

* the days at my previous firm, when i have to work 14, 15 hours a day...
sometimes even past midnight

* trips to tokyo, when i would walk walk walk non-stop for days...
not even slowing down for food

the extent of tiredness from the above two scenarios is nowhere near my current condition.

and i understand this tiredness is not going away, not in the coming years for sure.

i think the only way to lessen the exhaustion is to go to bed earlier,
which means lesser time for myself and doing things i like for myself.

i have started going to bed earlier this week.
after i have put little bb to sleep, i will read the news and check a few sites
then off to bed i go!
when i lie on my bed, i can feel my whole body sinking heavily into the bed....
so heavy but yet weak.

although it is no fun to feel so tired and exhausted constantly,
with terrible hands, shoulders and pack pain,
i am not at all complaining.

in fact, i feel blessed for having the best reason for this extreme tiredness....
little bb it is!

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