Sunday, July 17, 2011


when i took friday off couple weeks ago,
apart from doing all these things
i made another blanket for little bb.

this one took a bit longer to make than the first one
not only because it is bigger in size,
i also added a hood and a detachable plush.

for decoration, i used two trimmings for the hood,
one piece of polka dots-scalloped lace and a fine piece of trimming with tiny pom pom balls.

it is not just a blanket,
we can also play peek-a-boo, "our secret world", with it.....

this round, i finally remember to add a little tag to one of the sides of the blanket...
no particular reason to have the tag, other than a good excuse to use a lace monogram!  *smile*


angela THE ANGEL said...

he is super cute!! heart heart heart ^^

joanna said...

beautiful!!! i want an adult size!!!!! ^__^

aileen ♥ motu said...

thx hehehehe

moi said...

i am a stranger and i am your reader too~
your bb is really cute!
may i ask what kind of cloth you used to make this blanket? i am not sure what kind of cloth is suitable to use for the bb-things.... thx!

aileen ♥ motu said...

hi moi,
thanks for reading ^_^
for this blanket, i used organic fabrics found from this online shop called superbuzzy ( the outer side of the blanket is organic double gauze with polka dots pattern and the inner is Organic Jersey Knit. both are soft enough for babies... happy shopping!