Sunday, July 10, 2011

a fine friday

there is a reason why there are not-so-great days.

if not because of them,
there will be no happy days.

friday was a day with great weather and best of all, 
i took the day off.

i set off the day with giving little bb his first feeding of the day as usual,
then we played in bed until he got sleepy again ~ not something i can do if i need to go to work.

while he slept, i went to the mall to do a few things.
the first stop was muji.  wanted to check if there are cute tees for little bb.
got two tees as well as a few towels for making bibs and stuff for little bb.

on my way to the bookstore and supermarket, 
i stopped by uniqlo and saw pretty tees by cath kidston.
couldn't resist the temptation and got a couple for myself.
on the way to the cashier, i spotted some very cute tops in the kids section.
got something for my god-daughter.

the main reason why i needed to visit the mall was to pick up the books and magazines which i have ordered awhile ago.
i was very happy that the long wait is finally over!
i got 5 books and magazines altogether.

this is one of them.
it's a book about interior decoration - french style.
i came across this book while browsing
the cover was too pretty to pass! 

the final stop was the supermarket.
it was a very happy trip too!
i seldom have the patience and time to walk through the aisles
and think of what to cook for dinner.
this time i walked through the aisles, almost one by one, to look for the ingredients to go into our pasta tonight.
pasta for dinner was at my request.  somotu doesn't really like anything other than chinese and japanese dishes.  so it was with special permission that we can have pasta for dinner!  yeah!

it turned out that the pasta sauce i picked was very good.  yum yum!

after the shopping was done, i went home to pick up little bb and headed off to my parents place.

finally, the sandals which i got several months ago fit little bb!

it is the time when little bb is starting to get curious about everything, including the sandals.
the minute i put them on, he started staring at them, feeling them, moving his little feet around to check out the new sandals.....

time spent at my parents home was great.  
little bb behaved very well and made a lot of funny faces.
my parents were very very happy......

after little bb's little afternoon nap,
we went home to meet somotu for little bb's first swim!
to our surprise, little bb didn't appear to enjoy the swim as much as we did.....
more about this later...

i had a really great day.
then i thought to myself....  what would it be if everyday is like this....
hmmm i think it would not be as special and great if everyday is as great as today....
i think there is a reason why there are not so-great-days sometimes...
just to make days like today to be special!


joanna said...

sounds like a great day off!! and thank you in advance for clothes for siu momo!! ^^

andre looks bigger!! can't wait to see him again!!

aileen ♥ motu said...

see u all soon!