Tuesday, July 19, 2011

duckie on diet

it was quite difficult to find the right materials to make bibs for little bb....
after much looking around, i finally settled with the cotton towels from muji.

this is the first one i made over the past weekend.
i hope you can tell that it's a duckie *smile*

when i started making it, i have doubts whether i could make the shape right, 
i.e. one can tell it's a duckie, not some strange looking monster.

to my surprise, the shape turns out to be ok.  

what really took me by surprise was the overall size of the bib.
it turns out to be tooooooo BIG!!!!!

either i was too generous with the measurements, or that i have over estimated the size of little bb!

the bib is big enough to be a tee!!!!

or maybe a scarf for cooler weather???

although i find the big bib over little bb's small body to be quite amusing,
i made it smaller last night....
just to keep those mouths shut (no more laughing and joking, alright?)  haha....
will show picture of the *reduced fat* bib later..... haha


joanna said...

how lovely!!! big or small, it's just as pretty!! =)

aileen ♥ motu said...

oh dear, u r so kind ^_^