Monday, July 11, 2011

busy online bee

i must admit that
i am quite a shopaholic....  *smile*

there are always *good* reasons to do shopping.
like "i have worked like a cow today, i deserve a pat!",
or "i am miserable at work today, i need to pamper myself!",
or "i gave a presentation today without a red face!  i must reward myself!"....
~ hmmm... seems like all the reasons are work related!!
perhaps if i quit work, i can stop shopping! ~

but, it's becoming more and more difficult to find time to go shopping...
almost all of my time go to little bb nowadays.
except when i am at work.

at times like these, online shopping comes in really handy....
everything is just a click away!

and lunch hours become the golden hours!  my private time!

recently i got myself a few zakka items from this shop,
including this wooden ruler with a very pretty crystal look-alike knob.
i am finding the knob very handy when i am taking measurements, etc....

happy shopping!


~3iNnA~ said...

Ohhhhh I know the feelings also. Online shopping is the best and quite addictive. hahaha. When I read your blog I was laughing because that's how I feel also...stress or good job at work...pamper myself, reward myself or without any reasons. Now that I am not working I still shop online. I don't see any difference though.

Better than waiting on-line to paid for purchases, you can shop anytime you want even at wee hours and it delivers to your home. Can't beat that.

I am online shopaholic also.

Blue Eyed Night Owl said...

Haha, I do the exact same thing! Though mostly after I tidied the house I feel like I've worked hard and deserve something. Which just adds to the stuff I need to organize of course...
But it's just so nice to get something new!

Not too many years ago I would never have thought I'd be such an online shopper, back then I thought it was too big a risk. But now I know it's just really convenient and fun:)

That ruler is so pretty! I've seen rulers with tiny simple nobs before, but never this beautiful at all!

Happy shopping;)

aileen ♥ motu said...

it feels so good that i am not alone in the cyber world!!

aileen ♥ motu said...


oh yes, it is definitely addictive... it's almost like an itchy feeling in the heart or at the finger tips!

and i find clicking the items to add to the shopping basket equally satisfying! hahaha! sometimes, i will keep clicking and adding items to the shopping cart... then when i start feeling out of control, i will exit the page. i will wait till the next day to see if i still want the items (provided that they are still available).... like a cooling down period... and it works for me ^_^

aileen ♥ motu said...

hi blue eyed night owl ~ i know what you mean! just when i thought i have finally tied up the space, re-organized the drawers, i will spot nice things which they will end up showing up at home! and there it goes the whole cycle again! hahahaha....