Saturday, July 30, 2011

that green color

i am not really a big fan of green (color).
except, this shade of green....
from this shop.

knowing i am crazy about this shop,
dear joanna got me a few things from the shop during her recent trip.
love you!!!

the shopping bag, ribbon and tag were enough to make me go 

and i have found a good use of one of the boxes....

.... for my lace!

i saw from the shop's website that apart from this green, they have a pink shade too!!!!!

i would love to own one of these pretty boxes!!!

Friday, July 29, 2011

Monday, July 25, 2011


i got this mini cupcake stand the other day.
thought it would be perfect for the little things i make...

then i thought to myself,
one day,
i have a little shop for the little things i make,
the setting will be like a cake shop,
each of the items will be displayed in such mini cupcake stands....

how yummy!

Sunday, July 24, 2011


one little sheep
goes *merr*

second little sheep sheep
goes *merr merr*

THIRD little sheep sheep sheep
goes *merrr merrr merrr*

fourth little sheep sheep

this is the 2nd bib made....
as the 1st one made turns out to be big enough to be a jacket,
i tried to make this one smaller....
i think i am still too generous.... *smile*

this one is smaller than the first, but still big enough to be a scarf.

the next one, i think i can make it fit!

at least for now,
the fourth little sheep sheep finds the third little sheep sheep *funny*.....

Saturday, July 23, 2011

first swim

that friday, we took little bb for his first swim.
he likes bath time alot....
splashing the water, kicking his feet, turning his little body round and round in the water...

so we thought he would be thrilled in the swimming pool.
what would be better than a big big big *bath tube* to splash all you can splash, kick all you want!

but, a BIG but,
little bb was as dull and motionless as a stone!

he wasn't thrilled at all.
no smile, no excitment....  not even a tiny bit of smile on the lips....

the whole time he was in the water, he has his eyebrows crossed, lips tight.....
there went our enthusiam!!!!
we only stayed for around 15 minutes before we went home.

well, we will just keep trying...

Friday, July 22, 2011


we need to make up to brownie for missing his birthday....

we have decided to make this coming weekend his birthday weekend!
actually it will start tonight.....
everyday will be his birthday till next monday.

as a starter,
a birthdayEGG for him tonight!!!!!

yum yum yum!
brownie loves eggs.....  just the aroma of hard boiled eggs makes him wild!

and just look at his eyes!  eyes wide open!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

oh no!

how could we have forgotten??????????
it was brownie's 7 years old birthday two sundays ago!!!!!!!!!

and we have totally forgotten until just now,
when i was going through old pictures and came across pictures taken last year!!!!!
the one above is one of the pictures taken last year.

we are such terrible terrible terrible parents...
just last month, i was telling somotu that brownie and sugar's birthdays are coming up.....
i feel really terrible....

brownie, we will make it up to you!
we are so sorry!!!!!  we love you!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

double happiness

made this awhile ago
for a sweet girl.......

my hands are getting itchy again...
hope i will have some time this weekend to make more of them.
*wishful thinking*

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

duckie on diet

it was quite difficult to find the right materials to make bibs for little bb....
after much looking around, i finally settled with the cotton towels from muji.

this is the first one i made over the past weekend.
i hope you can tell that it's a duckie *smile*

when i started making it, i have doubts whether i could make the shape right, 
i.e. one can tell it's a duckie, not some strange looking monster.

to my surprise, the shape turns out to be ok.  

what really took me by surprise was the overall size of the bib.
it turns out to be tooooooo BIG!!!!!

either i was too generous with the measurements, or that i have over estimated the size of little bb!

the bib is big enough to be a tee!!!!

or maybe a scarf for cooler weather???

although i find the big bib over little bb's small body to be quite amusing,
i made it smaller last night....
just to keep those mouths shut (no more laughing and joking, alright?)  haha....
will show picture of the *reduced fat* bib later..... haha


little bb is able to pull himself up...
he just loves to stand....  silly boy!

just when we thought he would never crawl,
little bb started crawling couple days ago!

Sunday, July 17, 2011


when i took friday off couple weeks ago,
apart from doing all these things
i made another blanket for little bb.

this one took a bit longer to make than the first one
not only because it is bigger in size,
i also added a hood and a detachable plush.

for decoration, i used two trimmings for the hood,
one piece of polka dots-scalloped lace and a fine piece of trimming with tiny pom pom balls.

it is not just a blanket,
we can also play peek-a-boo, "our secret world", with it.....

this round, i finally remember to add a little tag to one of the sides of the blanket...
no particular reason to have the tag, other than a good excuse to use a lace monogram!  *smile*

Thursday, July 14, 2011

playing no.1

playing with one of my new toys
digital collage =

"it"'s back

the "elements" are back in their resort 2012 collection...
feminine, airy, delicate but chic
i am in love (and those shoes!!!)!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011


it has been an extremely frustrating and annoying day at work today
at the verge of bursting, i told myself to 
keep breathing
take a deep breathe....


i am ok now

right now, i am enjoying my instant noodles
while flipping through the books which have just arrived today!  yay!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

just in case...

if mama forgot the little things about you when mama got old... 
here are some of them, 

recently, you like to say "mamamama" when you cry... mama likes to think you are calling mama for real 

 you have been given two official hair cut by mama (and one unofficial one) so far... you looked like a silly potato after each cut 

 food in your menu so far includes salmon, some kind of oily fish (mama keeps forgetting the name of the fish), choi sum, chit-guar, bak-choi, egg yoke, congee, banana, apple, pumpkin, potato, sweet potatoes, carrot, tofu, finger biscuits, bread, chinese buns, iced lollipop, spaghetti 

♪ the food which made you looked like a clown is avocado!!! you had such a BIG BIG BIG reaction (of dislike) that mama finds it really amusing 

 started a month ago, you like making "piggy mouth"... and you look really silly and funny with it 

 you are like an energized bunny who can never sit still. you like nothing but standing.... when you are standing with the help of mama and daddy, you giggled and giggled.... no toys are comparable to just standing

 not only have you noticed the existence of brownie and sugar... you have actually started to build an immense interest in them.... one time, you pulled enough hair from sugar which made mama really upset; at other times, you would grab brownie's mouth and pull his ears.... mama and daddy are considering some serious behavioral training for you... hahaha 

 you are really really sweaty......

 there are 4 + 2 little teeth waving their hands at us....  the upper and lower front teeth are not as shy as the two other on the side.  mama needs to be extra careful when cleaning your mouth every night because you seem to find mama's fingers very yummy....


Monday, July 11, 2011

busy online bee

i must admit that
i am quite a shopaholic....  *smile*

there are always *good* reasons to do shopping.
like "i have worked like a cow today, i deserve a pat!",
or "i am miserable at work today, i need to pamper myself!",
or "i gave a presentation today without a red face!  i must reward myself!"....
~ hmmm... seems like all the reasons are work related!!
perhaps if i quit work, i can stop shopping! ~

but, it's becoming more and more difficult to find time to go shopping...
almost all of my time go to little bb nowadays.
except when i am at work.

at times like these, online shopping comes in really handy....
everything is just a click away!

and lunch hours become the golden hours!  my private time!

recently i got myself a few zakka items from this shop,
including this wooden ruler with a very pretty crystal look-alike knob.
i am finding the knob very handy when i am taking measurements, etc....

happy shopping!

Sunday, July 10, 2011

a fine friday

there is a reason why there are not-so-great days.

if not because of them,
there will be no happy days.

friday was a day with great weather and best of all, 
i took the day off.

i set off the day with giving little bb his first feeding of the day as usual,
then we played in bed until he got sleepy again ~ not something i can do if i need to go to work.

while he slept, i went to the mall to do a few things.
the first stop was muji.  wanted to check if there are cute tees for little bb.
got two tees as well as a few towels for making bibs and stuff for little bb.

on my way to the bookstore and supermarket, 
i stopped by uniqlo and saw pretty tees by cath kidston.
couldn't resist the temptation and got a couple for myself.
on the way to the cashier, i spotted some very cute tops in the kids section.
got something for my god-daughter.

the main reason why i needed to visit the mall was to pick up the books and magazines which i have ordered awhile ago.
i was very happy that the long wait is finally over!
i got 5 books and magazines altogether.

this is one of them.
it's a book about interior decoration - french style.
i came across this book while browsing
the cover was too pretty to pass! 

the final stop was the supermarket.
it was a very happy trip too!
i seldom have the patience and time to walk through the aisles
and think of what to cook for dinner.
this time i walked through the aisles, almost one by one, to look for the ingredients to go into our pasta tonight.
pasta for dinner was at my request.  somotu doesn't really like anything other than chinese and japanese dishes.  so it was with special permission that we can have pasta for dinner!  yeah!

it turned out that the pasta sauce i picked was very good.  yum yum!

after the shopping was done, i went home to pick up little bb and headed off to my parents place.

finally, the sandals which i got several months ago fit little bb!

it is the time when little bb is starting to get curious about everything, including the sandals.
the minute i put them on, he started staring at them, feeling them, moving his little feet around to check out the new sandals.....

time spent at my parents home was great.  
little bb behaved very well and made a lot of funny faces.
my parents were very very happy......

after little bb's little afternoon nap,
we went home to meet somotu for little bb's first swim!
to our surprise, little bb didn't appear to enjoy the swim as much as we did.....
more about this later...

i had a really great day.
then i thought to myself....  what would it be if everyday is like this....
hmmm i think it would not be as special and great if everyday is as great as today....
i think there is a reason why there are not so-great-days sometimes...
just to make days like today to be special!